High mountains. municipal council: what happens to Christophe Pierrel?

High mountains. municipal council: what happens to Christophe Pierrel?
High mountains. Gap municipal council: what happens to Christophe Pierrel?

It has been more than two years since readers of Dauphiné Libéré have not read this name in our columns: Christophe Pierrel. It must be said that it has been some time since the Gapençais municipal councilor sat. Since December 10, 2021 exactly. Two and a half years, an eternity in terms of the Gapençais political world. Imagine: at the time the water mirror was only a project, Roger Didier had chosen this council meeting to present it. Christophe Pierrel and the mayor of also took the opportunity to bicker. But that’s all over. And, to tell the truth, we didn’t really have any news from Christophe Pierrel. We had just recalled this during an article on Karine Berger, the former PS deputy. The opportunity to try to understand why he had refused to be head of the list for the 2020 municipal elections, even though Karine Berger had given him her place on the municipal council with this in mind. We didn’t really get an answer, but in short we didn’t really have any news. Until this article BFM Dici : “Gapençais socialist Christophe Pierrel about to join Renaud Muselier for the 2030 Olympics? ”.

“No, I don’t want to say more”

“I was on vacation and I was harassed by BFM Dici , laughs the main person concerned. I thought there was something serious. » But then, can he tell us a little more about the question that the local media asks – without really answering? He continues to laugh: “No, I don’t want to say more. » But he wants to talk about the Games. “Already, to my knowledge, they have not yet been allocated,” warns the elected official from Gap. But it’s a fantastic project for the region. »

And continued: “Renaud Muselier had the intuition to get started, it’s very good. As regional president, he is in his place. It’s not because he’s right-wing that I have to say that what he’s doing is rotten. » Because the Games excite him: “We have to mobilize everyone, the associations, the economic world… I take it as a popular festival. We must prevent people from seeing this as a constraint. » And to take the example of the benefit that this could bring to – for example – the railway service of the department: “-Gap in two hours by train, can you imagine? »

“I still have my mandates”

Excited enough to see yourself there? “If I can participate in the adventure, there is no reason not to do so, to make my meager contribution. » And to brush aside the political question: “Political politics don’t matter to me, what matters to me are the projects. There, there is the possibility of working in a transpartisan manner and that is the most exciting thing. »

So, so Gapence politics is over? To begin with, he has not been at the PS “for a long time” and he works in the private sector. But, “I still have my mandates, I still work with my group [Ambitions pour Gap], I give power of attorney and they know that they can count on me.” Will he be their candidate in 2026? “I answer questions when they arise, now is not the time to answer them. »



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