for the last 2 months, reduced range but only good choices!

Two months is how long the thermal Renault Mégane has left to live. This is also the time you have left to order it. Especially since its range has been reduced to the essentials.

The arrival of the GSR II standard – for General Safety Regulation 2 – is not necessarily known to the general public. Normal, because it brings together a whole arsenal of mandatory driving aids and therefore has a particularly technical aspect not necessarily at the heart of your priorities. However, it is the arrival of this standard which will put many models out of business in Europe and France, because their architecture does not allow them to accommodate these famous crutches, such as automatic emergency braking or even maintaining the lane. ADAS that are already well known but which, until July 7, 2024, are not mandatory for a new car to be sold.

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The thermal Renault Mégane will stop in July 2024.© Renault

On the red list of those who will retire this summer is the Renault Mégane. Obviously not the E-Tech of 2021, entirely converted to watts, but the thermal version, which we would have almost forgotten but which nevertheless remains present in the catalog. Two months is the time left for the French brand – made in Spain in Palencia – to end a career that lasted 8 years.. And with it a story that began in 1995.

A compact always in the game

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Interior of the thermal Renault Mégane.© Renault

If it must bow out, the thermal Mégane is not outdated. This is what may lead you to purchase one of the latest series produced in the coming weeks. Certainly, the interior and multimedia of this fourth generation are no longer young, but the Mégane remains a very homogeneous compact, comfortable and pleasant to drive in everyday life. It is not the champion in terms of habitability but is even better than a Peugeot 308, especially in the rear seats. The equipment, what’s more, is perfectly up to date, even on the “evolution” finish, the “smaller” of the two definitions that remain in the catalog.

Engine ? Not much choice anymore

> type="image/webp">The thermal Renault Mégane remains a very good compact.>>
The thermal Renault Mégane remains a very good compact.© Renault

All that remains is to choose the right mechanism. But here again, Renault makes your task much easier by only offering two engines: the TCe 140 gasoline and the BluedCi 115 diesel. Only two possibilities, but they are excellent engines. On the unleaded side, this 4-cylinder 1.3 turbo remains one of the best small “petrol” on the market, both soft, silent, efficient and quite sober. For its part, the 1.5 diesel will still delight frequent drivers because it is not difficult to reduce consumption below 5 l/100 km. In both cases, the Mégane also requires the EDC automatic transmission.. But no offense to lovers of mechanical transmission, this automatic gearbox goes very well with the two engines available here.

To end its career, the thermal Mégane has therefore reduced its catalog to the essentials. But only the good remains! The only choice to make is how you use it. Do you mostly make short journeys every day and only go far a few times a year? Gasoline will suit you perfectly. On the contrary, are your daily trips long? Diesel remains your friend!

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Published on 08/05/2024 at 12:10



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