Paquito Navarro: “What I like most about padel is the competition”

Paquito Navarro was a bit of the attraction of the Premier Padel Sevilla P2. If the local of the stage and his partner Juan LeBron lost in the semi-final, the 35-year-old player, usual crowd favorite, was the center of attention throughout the competition in his hometown.

The FIP did not fail to interview the current world number 7.

You are one of the most loved players by the public. At 35, you’re still having fun on the track, but what do you enjoy most?

The competition. I love the emotion and adrenaline you feel when you hit the track in a tournament. I enjoy it because it’s a difficult feeling to compare to other times in life. So what I like most about my job is competing and entertaining people with what I do on the field.

You are famous for this “guitar” gesture that you make with your racket. Do you remember the first time you did it?

I remember it very well, I played with Di Nenno. He used to celebrate points with a gesture that resembles someone heavily inflating a wheel (Editor’s note: the famous inflator from Argentina), but I was thinking of a guitar, so I started playing…

You are a champion but also a Source of inspiration for younger generations.

I try to do things in the best possible way and give my best. When I retire, I would like to be remembered as a kind man who truly loved to play, who was in tune with the public and who knew how to evolve as the sport did.

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