After Indiana Jones and The Walking Dead, Ethann Isidore is The Recruit on TF1: “I tried to play in the same style as Will Smith” – News Series on TV

After Indiana Jones and The Walking Dead, Ethann Isidore is The Recruit on TF1: “I tried to play in the same style as Will Smith” – News Series on TV
After Indiana Jones and The Walking Dead, Ethann Isidore is The Recruit on TF1: “I tried to play in the same style as Will Smith” – News Series on TV

He was revealed to the world in “Indiana Jones 5” in Cannes, in May 2023. A year later, Ethann Isidore continues his journey between US productions and French fiction, like the TF series “The Recruit”. Encounter.

Monday May 6, 2024, TF1 offers its viewers the opportunity to discover its new police series La Recrue from 9:10 p.m. In this new fiction, our heroes Kevin and Vincent form an atypical duo of investigators, one being a very straight cop and the other a former crook! These are respectively played by Thierry Neuvic and Ethann Isidore.

AlloCiné also spoke with the latter. At our microphone, the man we recently saw in Indiana Jones 5 alongside Harrison Ford remembered this remarkable filming experience…

AlloCiné: Can you introduce us to your character in “La Recrue”?

Ethann Isidore: I play the character of Kevin Lorin, who is a young delinquent who has always lived in trouble. He will be recruited by the police after being caught. He is a character who is not shy, who loves to make jokes all the time. He has no shame! He’s going to make a mess in the police station where Vincent Béraud works [Thierry Neuvic, ndlr]…

How is the duo you form on screen with Thierry Neuvic different from other cop duos we see on television?

We are facing an intergenerational conflict. That is to say, it’s not just cops who are different or from opposite social backgrounds. Here, they are separated by age and it shows, especially with Vincent! He doesn’t understand the way Kevin approaches work, and then life in general.

There is also the fact that Kevin has no parents and Vincent has no son. So they both have a gap to fill in different ways. (…) These are two characters who are in the process of finding each other.

Are there references to certain cult films in the series?

Yes, the producers told us that there are inspirations. These references are also there because it’s nice to see nods to different universes grouped in a single series. So, there is in particular The Beverly Hills Cop.

There’s also the fact that my character wears a bandana but it was a bit of an accident… In fact, it was me who came into the dressing room one day with my bandana. We told me : “Keep it !“. Now, if in my life I wear bandanas, it’s partly thanks to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I tried to play in the same style as Will Smith. That’s a wink that I wanted to do.

Kevin also tries to get closer to his colleague Sofia (Andrea Lovitch) but it does not seem to be won… Could they still become a couple?

I don’t know if they could get together because… It pains me to say this, but I’ve been through what Kevin is going through. My guy, there, she sees you as a newbie [un frère, ndlr], you see ? (laughs) Complicated!

At the very beginning of the series, I think it’s off to a bad start because it’s perhaps too direct and it doesn’t really come across. This is also one of Kevin’s faults… He is not afraid, he is not ashamed, he will sometimes say things much too directly. With Sofia, he learns that you have to be subtle in life.

Kevin’s past as a thief will resurface. Will this put his new life in danger?

This will make it difficult for him to integrate into the police but also complicate his life. We will be led to discover a little more about his experience, about his potential family, who his parents were, where he grew up, why he turned to delinquency… I think these are questions that the spectator poses, but also, Kevin poses. I think all his life he always asked himself: “For what ?”

You seem to have developed a nice bond with Thierry Neuvic. Did this alchemy allow you to improvise?

It happened to us quite a few times, to do things like that and it worked! Directors Alexandre Coffre and Alexis Charrier left us free. And that was cool! They were listening.

It’s a great pleasure to be able to make the text your own! With Thierry, we rehearsed the texts in the morning where we had fun changing words because we preferred to say them differently. Or, we simply added valves!

Will you return to “La Recrue” in the event of season 2? Do you also have other projects?

If there is a season two, I’m up for it because I think there’s still a lot to explore with the characters, including Kevin’s past and also Vincent’s. In terms of my other projects, I already have the French baccalaureate at the end of the year and I have to have it! Otherwise, I had a small role in the series Fiasco which was released on April 30 on Netflix. Finally, I have other things on the table between France and the United States but I cannot talk about them today.



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