The 2024 Pulitzer Prizes marked by the war in Gaza

The war in Gaza was at the heart of the various Pulitzer Prizes awarded on Monday, these annual awards for the American press and literature awarding in particular a special mention for journalists covering the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

THE New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize in international journalism October”,”text”:”for his extensive and revealing coverage of the lethal Hamas attack in southern Israel on October 7″}}”>for his extensive and revealing coverage of the lethal Hamas attack in southern Israel on October 7 as well as for its cover of the radical and deadly response of the Israeli armed forces.

Reuters news agency won an award in the news photography category for its coverage raw and immediate of the October 7 attack and Israel’s reprisals.

And a special mention was made to recognize journalists and media workers covering the war in Gaza.

This conflict also cost the lives of poets and writersexplains the Pulitzer committee, an organ of Columbia University.

The prestigious New York university is currently at the heart of controversy, after becoming the epicenter of pro-Palestinian demonstrations on American campuses.

Columbia management called in the police at the end of April to dislodge students who had set up an encampment, then a few days later to dislodge demonstrators who had barricaded themselves in a building.

The police severely restricted press access to these operations and threatened to arrest student journalists who wanted to cover the event.

In an article published this weekend, two editors of the Columbia student newspaper accused the university administration of having carried out a repression of the journalism work of these students, in particular by its requirements to transmit certain videos and photos of the events.

Praise for risk-taking media

This edition of the Pulitzer Prizes also honored the imprisoned Russian opponent Vladimir Kara-Mourza for his passionate articles written at the risk of his life from his prison cellhighlighting the risks taken by dissent in Vladimir Putin’s Russia And pleading for a democratic future in his country.


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Vladimir Kara-Mourza in a cell in a Moscow court in October 2022.

Photo: Getty Images / Natalia Kolesnikova / AFP

Collaborator of Washington PostVladimir Kara-Mourza is serving a 25-year prison sentence, to which he was sentenced in April 2023, notably for treason and dissemination of fake newsin the midst of repression of critical voices from the Kremlin.

American journalists who investigated migrant child labor, racial disparities in the American justice system and gun violence were also recognized.

Adem Altan, photographer at AFP, was a finalist for the news photo prize, for his work on the consequences of the earthquake which devastated southeast Turkey in February 2023.


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Mesut Hancer holds the hand of his 15-year-old daughter, Irmak, who died under the rubble of a building that collapsed during a powerful earthquake in Turkey. Photo taken in the Kahramanmaras region on February 7, 2023.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / ADEM ALTAN

The named photo shows a father shaking the hand of his deceased daughter, whose arm barely protrudes from the rubble.

Author Jayne Anne Philipps won the Best Fiction Prize for her novel Nightwatchabout a mother and daughter in the post-Civil War era.

The prize for best non-fiction went to Nathan Thrall for A day in the life of Abed Salama. Anatomy of a tragedy in Jerusalem.



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