Teenager kidnapped, kidnapped and beaten in Reims: here is what we know

A 16-year-old teenager was kidnapped and kidnapped in Reims on Sunday May 5. An investigation is open.

A 16-year-old teenager was kidnapped in front of his home, Sunday May 5, in Reims, in Marne, by five individuals. They drove their victim in a Renault Clio to an apartment, then a cellar in the Croix-Rouge district, according to information from Le Parisien. The teenager was held there until the evening.

He was then found in the street, although it is unclear whether he was released or fled. It was a driver who discovered it and called the emergency services. According to a Source from our colleagues, the kidnapping took place “in a context of retaliation and romantic spite.”


She also revealed to Le Parisien that the boy refused the advances of a young girl, which led to retaliation. The girl’s brother, cousin and mother are believed to be involved.

The Reims public prosecutor, for his part, explains that the victim would have had “an intimate relationship with a young woman” who would be “linked” to the kidnapping and sequestration.

The teenager suffered multiple bruises on his body, several fractures to his nose and a cut to his right temple. An investigation was opened for the criminal acts of “kidnapping and sequestration without voluntary release” and “aggravated violence” and was entrusted to the Reims judicial police. No arrests have taken place at this time.

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