Stormy Daniels at the helm, a few steps from Trump

Stormy Daniels at the helm, a few steps from Trump
Stormy Daniels at the helm, a few steps from Trump

“Stormy Daniels is called to the stand,” says a prosecutor. Immediately, silence fell in the crowded New York court where former US President Donald Trump is being tried.

On Tuesday, the former porn actress faced the Republican candidate for the November presidential election, sitting a few steps from her.

With an impassive face, he stared straight ahead as Stephanie Clifford, her real name, straightened her hair and put on glasses. To the great dismay of the defense, but also sometimes of Judge Juan Merchan, the testimony inevitably contained a number of scabrous details.

Because the affair revolves around a payment to Stormy Daniels, having been used to buy the silence of the actress on a sexual relationship that she claims to have had with Donald Trump in 2006, when he was already married to her current wife, Melania. A relationship he denies.

The ex-president is being prosecuted for 34 falsifications of accounting documents which allegedly served to conceal the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels in the home stretch of the 2016 presidential election, which he won narrowly against Hillary Clinton.

One of his attorneys, Susan Necheles, objected to Stormy Daniels being called to the stand to discuss details of the alleged affair in front of the jury. “We wish to renew our objection to her testifying about any sexual acts,” she said, calling it “prejudicial.”

The prosecutor promised that the testimony would not include a “description of genitals.” But “it’s important to establish the sexual act and how she felt about it,” she continued. “There will be a few details, very brief.”

Balance of power

So Donald Trump was forced to listen while Stormy Daniels spoke. That famous evening, did he wear a condom? “No,” said the actress-turned-director. Was the act short? “Yes”.

According to her, he asked her if she had a boyfriend, asked her questions about the economic functioning of the porn world and about the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease by being a porn actress. “I said that we “We were tested every 30 days,” said Stormy Daniels, who sometimes looked directly at Mr. Trump. He didn’t return her gaze.

“He said I reminded him of his daughter because she’s smart and blonde,” Stormy Daniels said. During the hearing, Donald Trump, in a blue suit and yellow tie, sometimes tilted his head towards his lawyer to speak with him. One of his sons, Eric, shook his head.

On the stand, Stormy Daniels said the sex was consensual, but that when she got dressed, her hands were shaking. If she did not feel threatened, she assured that the businessman’s intention “was quite clear” and that the “balance of power was unbalanced”.

Donald Trump’s lawyers have called for a mistrial altogether, saying the bulk of Stormy Daniels’ testimony had nothing to do with the accusations against the ex-president. The judge denied their request. But “I agree that there were things that were better not said,” he added.

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