War in Ukraine: “Europe’s trajectory is the right one. The rhythm is not”

The No. 1 of the Estonian Foreign Ministry warns against any temptation to appease Moscow. “Doing hard things today is better than doing even harder things if somehow we lose this war.” At this stage, judges Jonatan Vseviov, “our trajectory is the right one. The rhythm is not.”

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Philippe Regnier

Journalist at the International division

By Philippe Regnier

Published on 7/05/2024 at 4:19 p.m.
Reading time: 3 min

IThere is no acceptable alternative to a stronger Europe, proclaims Estonian diplomat Jonatan Vseviov. And a stronger Europe will depend “on our ability to bring Russia’s war against Ukraine to a conclusion that strengthens European security.” Namely: preserve the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty, discredit the weapon of aggression as a political tool and allow all those who want and can join NATO and the European Union to do so. “Including, obviously, Ukraine. »

Your country is one of those which most loudly denounces the Russian threat. Alarmism? Warmongering? Or reality?

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