White House responds to Kristi Noem for saying Joe Biden’s dog should be put down

White House responds to Kristi Noem for saying Joe Biden’s dog should be put down
White House responds to Kristi Noem for saying Joe Biden’s dog should be put down

Guest on a CBS News show on Sunday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem insinuated that Commander, Joe Biden’s dog, should be put down. “Worrying” and “absurd” comments according to the White House.

During a press conference given this Tuesday, May 7, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre declared that the comments of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem about the American president’s dog Joe Biden were “worrying and “absurd,” reports CNN.

Guest this Sunday on the show “Face the Nation”, broadcast by CBS News, on the occasion of the release of her book No Going Back, Kristi Noem insinuated that the American president’s dog, named Commander, should be put down.

Deadly words

For the past week, Kristi Noem, Donald Trump’s potential co-list, has been mired in controversy after the publication of her memoirs entitled No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.

In her book, the American politician confides having shot and killed Cricket, her dog aged one year and two months, because of her “indomitable” character. “I hated this dog” who had notably ruined, she says, a pheasant hunt because she was overexcited.

A few pages later, Kristi Noem also writes that the first thing she would do once in the White House would be to make sure “Joe Biden’s dog is no longer anywhere,” indicating in parentheses what she would tell the presidential pup, “Commander, say hello to Cricket for me.”

Interviewed on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, the Republican governor was again asked about her intentions toward Biden’s dog, to which she responded:

“How many people do you have to dangerously attack and injure before you make a decision about a dog and what to do with it? That’s the question the president should answer,” Kristi Noem said.

Commander, the Biden family’s German shepherd, has been implicated in around 20 biting incidents on White House staff and Secret Service agents.

“A worrying statement”

In reaction to Kristi Noem’s statements, Karine Jean-Pierre recalled that Commander had left the presidential residence last October and is currently in Delaware with members of his family.

“We learned last week, obviously like all of you, in her book that she had killed her puppy. You heard me say that it was very, very sad. We find her comments disturbing. We find them absurd.” , declared the spokesperson.

“We are in a country that loves dogs, and we have a leader who talks about putting them down, killing them. It’s a worrying statement,” she added.

Speaking about Kristi Noem, Karine Jean-Pierre said that the governor “should probably stop digging in.”

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