In the middle of Xi Jinping’s visit, what European candidates expect from Macron

In the middle of Xi Jinping’s visit, what European candidates expect from Macron
In the middle of Xi Jinping’s visit, what European candidates expect from Macron

POLITICS – Macron, do you hear? As Chinese President Xi Jinping begins the second and final day of his state visit to France, the French frontrunners in the European elections would like the French president to be offensive on many subjects. As you can see in the video at the top of the articlethis Tuesday, May 7, everyone has their request.

Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron in the Pyrenees this Tuesday for a very symbolic reason

From human rights to foreign interference, including trade and wars, everyone puts their favorite subject on the table. On RTL, Socialist candidate Raphaël Glucksmann called for “ negotiate with him, in a balance of power » so that Europe is not the “ vassal » of China on the economic level.

Trade relations and global conflicts

Less vehement towards China, MEP Jordan Bardella and head of the RN list also called for certain subjects to be put on the table “ who are angry “, as ” the imbalance in trade relations between China and the European Union and more broadly between China
and France.

Invited on the set of Public Senate the day before, the rebellious Manon Aubry also discussed these trade issues and insisted on the need to clarify China’s position in major global conflicts: “ I hope that the President of the Republic will seize this opportunity to put pressure on China to play a role, in particular to bring Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table. »

Human rights and foreign interference

For her part, the ecologist Marie Toussaint demanded this Tuesday on the same platform, a clarification of France’s voice on respect for human rights in China. “ I would like the President of the Republic to engage in this demanding dialogue on the issue of human rights, as he has committed to doing. This means the release of political prisoners and an end to arbitrary arrests,” she insists.

Guest of LCI this Monday, LR candidate François-Xavier Bellamy spoke of an attempted cyberattack targeting him, by a group of hackers with presumed links to the Chinese government and pointed out the “interference” of Beijing and its “aggressive strategy to bring down our economy”. “Isimply asks the President of the Republic to report this question to the Chinese President » he pleaded.

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