“We want our children to be safe”, in Vesoul, parents refuse to send their children to school

“We want our children to be safe”, in Vesoul, parents refuse to send their children to school
“We want our children to be safe”, in Vesoul, parents refuse to send their children to school

An action by parents of students at the Pablo Picasso school in Vesoul (Haute-Saône) took place this Tuesday, May 7. Some children did not go to class, while a petition was launched to put pressure on the town hall and obtain work quickly.

We told you about their concerns a few days ago in this article. This time, parents took action. In front of the school which educates 250 children from kindergarten to CM2, parents inform families. In this school, there is asbestos in the floor tiles in particular. Slabs that deteriorate over time denounce parents. “A hole like that can perhaps release some fibers, and the children can breathe them in.” confides a parent representative. Some people discover the situation. For others, there is no question of leaving the children in this environment.

We know that asbestos is dangerous and that it can cause lots of illnesses. I will not send my son to school, we are afraid for the health of our children.

In this school, the presence of asbestos is known. The Asbestos Technical Files (DTA) for the school’s four buildings indicate the presence of this carcinogenic fiber formerly used in construction. The 2022 DTA confirmed the presence of asbestos materials in almost all elementary school classrooms, in the floor tiles and in the black glue, but also in the fiber cement partition walls.


Slabs containing asbestos are broken or damaged in several classes at the school which accommodates 250 students from kindergarten to CM2.

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We would like the slabs of the different schools to be repaired. They are in a catastrophic state.

Karine Jacoloulot, parent delegate

According to the students’ parents, two teachers recently wanted to exercise their right of withdrawal, which was refused to them.

As for the municipality, it claims to have done what is necessary. Alain Chrétien, mayor of Horizons de Vesoul, is categorical. There is definitely asbestos in this school, but “she is not in contact with users” explained the elected official on Saturday May 4 to France 3 Franche-Comté. “When we mention the word asbestos, it’s obviously scary, recognizes the elected official. But we have updated all of the DTAs in all our schools in 2022 and 2023 and they are freely accessible on the city’s website .”

Our DTAs are up to date, we analyzed the ceilings and floors twice, and twice the experts concluded that there were no asbestos fibers in the air. What more can I do?

Alain Chrétien, Horizons mayor of Vesoul (Haute-Saône).

Asbestos has been banned in France since 1997. The parents of the Picasso school are demanding emergency work to repair the damaged slabs. And they are not the first. A similar mobilization of parents had taken place in recent months in Valdahon in Doubs. According to a survey carried out in June 2023 by the Vert de rage team, 28.4% of French schools still contain asbestos. In total, 281 schools contain asbestos in Burgundy-Franche-Comté.



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