Yemen: Humanitarian organizations launch urgent appeal

Yemen: Humanitarian organizations launch urgent appeal
Yemen: Humanitarian organizations launch urgent appeal

Nearly 200 humanitarian organizations yesterday called on donors to raise the missing $2.3 billion to finance aid to Yemen, warning of the “catastrophic consequences” of the lack of funds allocated to this country at war .

“To date, only $435 million of the $2.7 billion required by the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan for 2024 has been funded, leaving unmet needs of $2.3 billion,” they said. indicated 188 organizations, including several UN agencies, in a joint press release, relayed by AFP.

Donors must “urgently meet” these needs, they added on the eve of a meeting of senior European officials in Brussels devoted to the humanitarian situation in Yemen. After more than nine years of war in this country, the poorest on the Arabian Peninsula, more than half of the population, or 18.5 million people, need humanitarian aid, according to the press release.

“Inaction would have catastrophic consequences on the lives of Yemeni women, children and men,” the organizations stressed. Yemen has been in the grip of a conflict since 2014, pitting the Houthis, close to Iran, against the government, supported by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The war has left hundreds of thousands dead, the majority of which are due to the indirect consequences of the conflict, such as lack of drinking water, hunger and disease, according to the UN. Violence has declined considerably since a truce concluded in April 2022, leading to a “slight improvement in humanitarian conditions”, but needs remain “significant”, according to the organizations.

“Underfunding poses a challenge to the continuity of humanitarian programs, leading to delays, reductions and suspensions of life-saving aid programs,” they warned.

Furthermore, the Houthis announced yesterday that they had arrested at least 18 people accused of belonging to a “spy network” in the service of the United States and Israel. The Saba news agency, run by the Houthis, published photos and videos of men presented as “spies recruited to gather information and monitor sites operated by the Yemeni armed forces (…) for the benefit of American and Israeli enemies.

According to the agency, they were recruited after the start in November of attacks on ships off the coast of Yemen, which these insurgents say they are carrying out in solidarity with the Palestinians, in the context of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Strip. Ghaza.

Still according to the same Source, according to which certain suspects made “confessions”, the agents were instructed to monitor the launch sites of missiles and drones targeting the ships and to transmit their coordinates to facilitate American and British strikes.

Since January, the United States and the United Kingdom have carried out several raids against Houthi positions, in the name of protecting shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, a key shipping route for global trade. But the strikes have not deterred the Houthis who control large swaths of Yemen and say they target ships linked to Israel, as well as American and British ships.



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