Favorite/Outsider: Who to play in the Prix Romati in Compiegne?

R3C5 – Prix Romati – Group III

Cedric Yetta’s favorite and underdog

Spes Militurf (501): He won the first preparatory and he is well placed in weight compared to his last two outings. The terrain will suit it because it will not be very heavy. He knows the track very well as he won the Grand Steeple of Compiègne Last year. So he’s my favorite for this event, I think he has the advantage over Uncheckable.

Whymper (508): He arrives at this event after a great victory in the hurdles. His coaching duo loves this method of preparation to return to the steeplechase. He already did well last year at Compiègne and can add a little bit of value at the finish.

The favorite and the outsider of Alexandre Leger

Uncheckable (505): He has just won the last preparatory event and returned to the heavy terrain that he loves. He will try to retain his title of best horse in Compiègne.

Whymper (508): This 5 year old returns to Compiègne with ambition, having won for his return to Fontainebleau. He will be a serious client for the favorites, as he has already performed well at 4 years old at Compiègne.



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