Sky issues urgent deadline to broadband users – check your Wi-Fi router today

Sky issues urgent deadline to broadband users – check your Wi-Fi router today
Sky issues urgent deadline to broadband users – check your Wi-Fi router today

Sky is warning some customers to check their Wi-Fi routers – then make a simple change or order something new.

If your broadband is supplied by Sky then now is a good time to give your Wi-Fi a quick check. The popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) is urging some of its users to make a change to the broadband settings and consider ordering a brand new router without delay. The update is due to new “Secure by Design” rules from the UK government which are aimed at keeping consumers better protected from cyber security risks.

Sky says that some of its older hubs will stop receiving vital software updates from 2025 so now is a good time to switch things up. Affected users should receive an email in the coming days telling them that they are eligible for a free upgrade. It’s vital to act fast with Sky also confirming that all requests for new equipment must be made by June 3 2024.

A new box will then be sent out before the end of next month. This device will be fully up to date and will also receive future upgrades making sure your network stays secure.

“We’re always improving our network to enhance its reliability and security. Recently, the UK government has published a security framework to ensure every telecom provider in the country follows the same set of guidance for their networks,” Sky explained.

“You can claim a replacement hub that gets the latest service and security updates.”

Along with ordering a new router, Sky is also urging users to make a quick change to the settings. To help improve the security of current Wi-Fi routers already in homes, Sky says it’s a good idea to change the hub password.

“If you’ve never changed the administrator password on your hub before, you can make it more secure by updating it now. This password is different to your WiFi password,” the firm added.

If you feel the need to switch passwords, follow the steps from Sky below.

Log in to the hub settings page:

• Connect your device eg laptop or phone to your Hub, either by connecting to the WiFi or via ethernet.
• Type in your internet browser address bar and hit enter. You’ll see a Summary Status page.
• Click on the ‘Maintenance’ tab where you’ll see a sign in box.
• Enter the log in details for your hub. If you haven’t changed these before, these are:
Username: admin – Password: sky
All lowercase as these are case sensitive. If this doesn’t work, reset your hub to its default settings and try again.

Change your password

Note: This will change the administrator password used to access your hub details, not the WiFi password which is used to connect your devices to the hub.
• Under the ‘Maintenance’ tab, select the ‘Set Password’ option.
Here you can set your new password, This will need to be between 1-16 characters and case sensitive.
• Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the screen.
• A new log in box will appear. Enter your new details here.
Username: admin – Password: Your new password
• Your password has now changed. Reconnect your devices and you’re good to go.

Remember, if you want that new router you must act now. Full details can be found here.



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