what should be planted during the months of May and June 2024?

what should be planted during the months of May and June 2024?
what should be planted during the months of May and June 2024?

The arrival of the Ice Saints worries gardeners who no longer know what to plant in their garden before and after this phenomenon. To help you, we offer ideas for plants, vegetables and fruits to plant in your green space.

The months of May and June are among the favorite periods of gardeners. Indeed, during this period, the blooms multiply and we observe gentleness in nature, although the weather is sometimes capricious. Moreover, you must be vigilant between May 11, 12 and 13 which represent the dates of the Ice Saints. To prepare for their arrival, certain precautions must be taken to prevent your crops from being affected. To this end, we suggest you discover what you should plant before and after this period in your garden.

Gardening: Everything You Need to Plant in May

Vegetable garden plants

May is the ideal time to plant seedlings of chives, turnips, pumpkins, parsley, carrots and fennel. Also take the opportunity to plant beans, lettuce and tetragon. Likewise, you can undertake the planting of tomato plants, eggplants, basil, peppers and melon in your vegetable garden. During this period, the asparagus and radish harvest is at its peak and to have a staggered harvestdon’t forget to sow radishes every ten days, indicates Le Monde.

Orchard products

In May, take the opportunity to prune your strawberries and graft certain fruits, if this is not already done. This is also the best time to treat raspberry bushes and the vine against downy mildew and oidium. Likewise, you can reduce the plants of young trees that have too much fruit and train the vines. Furthermore, don’t forget to dig a basin around the young shrubs when planting so that they retain water.

Plant flowers, trees and shrubs

Spring is the best time to plant summer flowers like geraniums. Also take advantage of this time to plant climbing plants, particularly nasturtiums, sweet peas and ipomoea. If you have a shady space in your garden, plant lily of the valley plants there and also cut the stems of perennials. To beautify your garden, plant ornamental shrubs, take hydrangea cuttings and prune heather that has finished flowering.

Garden: what to plant, sow and do in June?

Take care of your vegetable garden

June marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer. This period is the ideal time for gardeners to weed, hoe and water the garden. The first two activities are essential to prevent weeds do not encroach on the living space of vegetables. Concerning I’watering, it depends on the season and the plant. Occasional watering is recommended in the evening. As for seedlings, regular evening watering is necessary.

Pay special attention to the orchard

In June, the orchard requires special attention, because it is in a pivotal period, that is to say about to produce fruit. If you don’t take care of them properly, your fruit trees will not produce beautiful fruit and your harvest will not be good. Furthermore, remember to protect your trees from aphids which are attracted to the sap, but also from birds. At this time, sow Brussels sproutscucumbers, squash, pickles and early potatoes.

Consider ornamental plants

To beautify your garden, sow annual plants, which are fast-growing, in flowerbeds. You will be able to enjoy beautiful, colorful flowers a few weeks after germination. Likewise, plant fall bulbs like crocus, colchicums and Naples cyclamen. If you still have space in your garden, sow poppies and hollyhocks.



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