A starry day that caused a sensation

Château-Chinon (City). Starry day. The 4 e edition of the astronomy initiation day, organized by the Astronomical Society of Burgundy (SAB), took place in the Louise-Michel room. Around ninety people came to enjoy the activities offered.

The planetarium installed in the room caused a sensation. With eight sessions during the day, it allowed visitors to observe the sky and its constellations. Exhibitions of meteorites, photos of planets and galaxies, telescopes decorated the space dedicated to this day. The Le Goût des mots bookstore had a stand with a selection of books and games on the theme of astronomy.

“In the form of puzzles to be solved, the “Lost in Space” workshop, offered at 2:30 p.m. for children aged 5 to 10, brought together around ten toddlers,” reports Flavien Audin, head of the Château-Chinon branch of the SAB. “The children, installed on board a spaceship made up of chairs, had to help Bob the alien find his way in space. »

Information stands on the progress of the Calvary project and on the national dark sky reserve allowed visitors to keep up to date with current events. “We also had the chance to welcome Jean-Luc Dauvergne, scientific journalist, for publication in the summer issue of the journal Sky & Space », rejoices Falvien Audin.

Due to lack of good weather, the observation planned for the evening at Calvary could not take place. The SAB will offer another observation, this time of the moon, as part of the “On the moon again” event, on June 15, on Place Notre Dame in Château-Chinon.

Contact. www.sab-astro.fr/château-chinonsab-astro.fr



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