VIDEO. Death of André Trigano: reactions that transcend political divisions

VIDEO. Death of André Trigano: reactions that transcend political divisions
VIDEO. Death of André Trigano: reactions that transcend political divisions

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Following the death of André Trigano, former mayor of Mazères, then of Pamiers, former deputy and business leader, reactions are pouring in. They bear witness to the importance that this extraordinary political animal, great builder, business leader, whose name was known throughout the world, had retained. This tribute largely transcends political divisions.

“A.Trigano personified Pamiers”

“The city of Pamiers presents its condolences to the family of Mr. André Trigano, honorary mayor. As mayor of Pamiers (1995-2020), André Trigano shaped the city of today and leaves it a legacy whose difficulties of the city center do not undermine the value. Pamiers is economically prosperous, innovative in all its commercial and industrial activities. Today it highlights the heritage that it had acquired for it. leave a work and the Pamiers of today is one of his works. In a history of ten centuries, André Trigano has personified the contemporary era. His name is everywhere in the squares and streets of our city. merges with her.

Reaction to the death of André Trigano, sent by the city of Pamiers.

Alain Rochet: “The territory owes him a lot”

“André Trigano never stopped working throughout his life for the development of Ariège and, particularly for the economic development of lower Ariège. In this regard, the territory owes him a lot. He was an indisputable figure of the department , of the Occitanie region and of our country With his disappearance, the territory loses a great builder, a visionary, but also a man whose political commitment was recognized by all, his name will forever be engraved in the history of the territory. of the Portes d’Ariège Pyrénées, but beyond, in the overall history of our country. To his family affected by this immense loss, I extend my sincere condolences as well as the moved compassion of the community of communes of the Portes d’. Ariège Pyrénées of which he was the very first president.

President of the Portes d’Ariège-Pyrénées Community of Communes.

Kamel Chibli: “a great builder, a generous and passionate man”

André Trigano died at the age of 99. He was general and regional councilor, deputy, mayor of Mazères, then of Pamiers for several mandates. A life almost dedicated to political and industrial commitment. He was a great builder, a visionary, he who experienced the dark period of our history, the war of 45 and who escaped the Nazi militias with his family and joined the resistance. I keep the memory of a generous, passionate man, his immeasurable passion for our beautiful Ariège but also a great entrepreneur specializing in leisure alongside his brother. André Trigano was one of the greatest figures I have known in my life. He left his mark on all of Ariège and well beyond. We owe him a lot in the economic development of lower Ariège. His name will remain forever engraved in the history of our department and our country. All my condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace with André”

Vice-president of the Occitanie region, in charge of Education, Youth and Sports.

Alongside André Trigano

Michel Teychenné: “A page in the history of Pamiers […] who turns”

“All my condolences to his family and friends, this is a page in the history of Pamiers and Ariège that is turning. He will have left his mark on our city with his long mandate of 25 years. A great business leader and an endearing character with whom I had the pleasure of serving for 12 years in opposition to the Municipal Council of Pamiers and to the Community of Commons, despite sometimes deep political disagreements.

Former opposition elected official in Pamiers, former European deputy.

J.-Jacques Michau: “His humanist heritage and his values”

“It is with deep sadness that I learned of the death of André Trigano, an emblematic figure of Mazères and Pamiers, and well beyond. As mayor, he left an indelible mark on our cities, shaping the local political landscape. His involvement in the regional elections led to the election of Martin Malvy as president of the Regional Council, illustrating his unfailing commitment to his region and its inhabitants. A respected business leader, André Trigano was much more than a successful entrepreneur: he was a deeply social man, concerned about the well-being of his employees. His humanist conscience guided him in all his actions, constantly reminding us of the importance of solidarity and respect for others. Coming from a Jewish family and a refugee during the war, André Trigano never forgot the precious help of the communist Ariégeois who hid him, thus marking his unwavering commitment against the extreme right and all forms of discrimination. With the disappearance of André Trigano, a voice committed to tolerance and respect for others has died out. Its humanist heritage and its values ​​will remain forever engraved in our memories, reminding us of the road ahead for a more just and united society. In this time of mourning, I send my most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Senator from Ariège.

Andrée Trigano, former mayor of Pamiers, former Ariège deputy and successful business leader has left us. Ariège loses a man of great qualities and value, one of its greatest defenders.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor?

— Ophély (@ophelymassat)

President Renaissance Ariège, elected in Saverdun.

Martine Froger: “A man invested in his city”

“The news of the disappearance of André Trigano deeply touched me, just like many Ariège residents, because he represented an emblematic figure of our department. He was a man invested in his city and invested in his employees. As a dedicated mayor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, André Trigano devoted his life to serving his commune first Mazères then Pamiers and its inhabitants. His unfailing dedication and boundless commitment to the well-being of all will remain engraved in our memories. Beyond his role as mayor, André Trigano was an example of generosity and compassion. As founder of the Trigano leisure company in 1935, he contributed significantly to the economic development of our department by creating numerous jobs. His entrepreneurial vision has made history and continues to inspire many people. In these difficult times, my thoughts are with his family, his loved ones, and all those who were lucky enough to cross his path. We have lost an exceptional man, whose memory will remain alive in our hearts forever.”

Member of Parliament for Ariège

Carole Delga: a pioneer, a enthusiast

“Pioneer of popular tourism, André Trigano was committed with the same passion to the Appameans and the promotion of the Pyrenees massif as a regional elected official for two decades. My thoughts for his loved ones”.

President of the Occitanie region.

J.Azéma: “Great business leader, visionary mayor”

“André Trigano, great business leader, visionary mayor of Mazères then Pamiers, deputy of the Nation and regional councilor, has just left us. Ariège has lost a visionary man, of unparalleled intelligence and vivacity. others like it. Mazères, Pamiers, and all of Ariège owe him so much. Rest in peace dear André and thank you for showing us that where there is a will there is a way. You will remain forever in our memories and in. our hearts a Man with an exceptional destiny.”

Jérôme Azéma, municipal and community councilor. Secretary general of Renaissance 09.

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