He responds to MCU fans! Is the best Marvel series on Disney+ really canon?

He responds to MCU fans! Is the best Marvel series on Disney+ really canon?
He responds to MCU fans! Is the best Marvel series on Disney+ really canon?

Culture news He responds to MCU fans! Is the best Marvel series on Disney+ really canon?

Published on 06/05/2024 at 22:15

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Although it is Marvel, X-men ’97 does not take place in the same world as other heroes such as Captain America or Iron Man. However, it would be possible that these two worlds could be connected in the future. At least that’s what Beau DeMayo, the showrunner of the series, teases in a message referring to the leaves of one tree mixing with those of another.

The animated series X-Men ’97 based on the universe of Marvel was very well received by critics. It has a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 82% on Metacritic. The recent series by Beau DeMayo, an American screenwriter and producer, is still in the news. It is in particular via a small question that it remains on the lips of viewers: is it part of the MCU? Well, it’s quite confusing.

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A somewhat confusing multiverse

With Marvel’s multiverse, some series are canon and others are considered to be in alternate universes. The differences in timelines allow for the creation of different universes and endings. It is a process that is widely used and Of course X-Men ’97 is one of those series that is not canon to its original universe. Except that, according to the creator of the series, it is possible that this will change!

In a message written on social networks, Beau DeMayo responds to a user of the X platform (formerly Twitter) who expresses his point of view. We can read there that he likes to think that the series is in the same multiverse as the MCU, even if there is no real connection. The showrunner responds:

In a way, I think it’s the distributor’s choice. I know all my discussions were about seeing her as her own neighbor tree, not a branch of the MCU’s multiverse tree. Of course, a few leaves from one tree can intermingle with another at any time.

A less confusing multiverse

We therefore understand that, even if the worlds are not the same, they could very well be linked in the future. It is even thanks to a comparison to trees that he expresses this possibility. To stay in the same lexicon, if you have seen the series Loki, perhaps the word tree reminded you of a certain mythological entity. Indeed, in Norse mythology, one tree is particularly important: Yggdrasil. This is also called the world tree. He is the tree thanks to which the worlds can live in harmony with each other, without them colliding and self-destructing. Using this vocabulary about trees could be a reference to this legend, implying that a link is possible between the marvel cinematic universe And Xmen ’97.

Even if they are the same lexicon, it is possible that it is just a coincidence. This connection is undoubtedly a little far-fetchedbut we still hope that links will be created between the different multiverses of the MCU, as many fans wish.

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