Math Duff distributes free hot dogs for Quebec “steamé” day

Math Duff is never short of ideas, and when he has one in mind, it’s rare that it doesn’t see the light of day!

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A year ago, he woke up and said to himself that May 6 rhymed with “steamé” and he immediately wrote to Prime Minister François Legault to encourage him to make this date National Steamé Day!

Mr. Legault replied jokingly that he was going to “estimate” that with his council of ministers, then nothing more. Radio silence.

Never mind, Math Duff decided to take matters into his own hands and his crazy idea has since made a big splash. Many Quebecers, this is what he hopes, will eat steamed hot dogs that day.

The Lafleur company, which produces hot dog sausages, even partnered with him and had a truck lettered with the comedian’s face clearly visible, so much so that Math Duff will be walking around this Monday to distribute hot dogs. -steam dogs everywhere.


Facebook of Mathieu Dufour

Math Duff also appeared on LCN to talk about it:

People’s participation

“The success of this day lies in the participation of the people. I ask people to eat steamed hot dogs on May 6th, to put that date in their phone as a recurring event so that it comes back every year. In five years, I would like it to be in the state calendars, so that it is automatically in Google Calendar!” related the one who says “distribute love”.

“I entertain, I give people pleasure, I need to have fun and I take it day by day. In this case, I am the messiah, the prophet sent to restore the image of steamship!” added the verbose young man, who describes himself as “inclusive,” so people who prefer their hot dog roasted are not excluded.

“I don’t care about those who have their grilled hot dog that day, for me it’s steam. I’m very inclusive, but this is steam day. I find it beautiful that we all do this together, it brings people together. There’s a lot of negative, complaining, demands, that’s okay too, but we also need lightness, I think it’s cool that people are getting on board.”

6956 R. Drolet, Montreal

7700 Boulevard Décarie, Montreal

1217 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal

Multiple addresses

3685 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal

2497 Ch. de Chambly, Longueuil

3180 Rue Fleury E, Montreal-North

Math Duff will be giving away FREE Hot Dogs

This Monday, May 6, Math Duff and his team will distribute 500 free hot dogs from 5 p.m. live from Place des Canadiens in the Rio Tinto Court. This is your chance to take part in the very first edition of the Quebec Steamé Day, if you weren’t able to get your hands on some breads and sausages in time.


Road trip in the Big Apple

Sunday, the day before Quebec Steamé Day, Mathieu Dufour and his team went to New York to photograph themselves in front of the giant hot dog installed in Time Square: “Four airlines even contacted me to offer me tickets, but we decided to take a road trip, because it’s more ecological! »

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