Fonseca at OM: a simpler file than expected?

Fonseca at OM: a simpler file than expected?
Fonseca at OM: a simpler file than expected?

Since the appointment of Gasset and his expiry this summer, OM have been working to find their next coach. Wanting a project over several seasons, the Olympian staff wants to complete the arrival of its next technician before the end of the month. If the Fonseca track seemed a priority, its arrival could prove less complicated to manage than expected for OM.

The sports project above all

Given OM’s mediocre season in the , it’s difficult to get excited about possible European qualification next year. If the Champions League is already inaccessible for the club via Ligue 1, the Europa League arouses much less enthusiasm. Both from supporters and future recruits.

But this is also the case for the candidates for the OM bench next season. Thus, playing in the biggest European competition provides much better income, to correlate with greater ambitions. And this, both on a national and European level. This is why the sustainability of the Olympian club in the Champions League, as is so often recalled Longoriais decisive in his desire to appear among the leading roles.

An affordable priority profile

OM will therefore have to attract coaches above all through a long-term sporting project. Apart from qualifying in the coming days by winning the Europa League, regaining the big-eared cup must be the objective for next season.

The Marseille board then began the process of enlisting Fonseca, at the end of his contract this summer with . If the Portuguese is necessarily courted after a successful project in the North, he does not abandon the Provençal interest. While the press displays him as the main suitor in the eyes of OM leaders, he would also be very popular with AC and Sevilla FC. But according to the words of Foot Mercato, the French-speaking coach could really arrive at the Prado at the end of the month. Indeed, the media insists on the importance of the sporting project for the tactician, even going so far as to ignore the absence of the Champions League.

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In order to put all the chances on its side, OM has already made a big proposal to Fonseca according to Di Marzio. An attempt to put pressure on the Lille coach but which must be accompanied by a solid project for the years to come…

Avenues to rule out, others to favor

If Fonseca seems to be at the head of the short list put together by OM, other profiles are being studied by the club’s staff. Various rumors have appeared in the press in recent weeks. We know the close bond that unites Longoria to Italy, he who among other things brought back Ribalta And You sleep. Thus, several names of Italian tacticians were relayed for the rest of Gassetas Sarri but also Italiano. Also free this summer, they would not however be followed by OM, still according to Foot Mercato. Fewer competitors despite their solid transalpine reputation.

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The newspaper, however, specifies Olympian interest in two other coaches. The first would be French, we can then think of a profile like Haise. The second would be foreign but his name has not been filtered. We could then wonder about a name like Designoften associated with OM, or even Still as we recently proposed.

The choice of the future OM coach will be the keystone of the project hoped for by Longoria. Among the rumors, we find former or current residents of Ligue 1. thing is certain, the solid long-term sporting project will favor qualification for the Champions League at the end of the season.



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