Besançon. Fire in the Temis area: the favored criminal trail

Besançon. Fire in the Temis area: the favored criminal trail
Besançon. Fire in the Temis area: the favored criminal trail

Combustion accelerators

Impressive in its scale, the fire mobilized around fifty firefighters during the night from Sunday to Monday.

Six fire hoses were deployed in total to prevent the spread.

The plume of smoke generated by the blaze was seen dozens of km around, throughout the Greater Besançon sector. Enough to ignite social networks.

Firefighters were still on site Monday morning to neutralize the fire and prevent the fire from resuming.

Investigators will try to understand the causes of the disaster. The case was entrusted to the local judicial police service (SLPJ) of Besançon and mobilized forensic police officers.

“Investigators will carry out surveys in order to find possible traces of combustion accelerators,” indicates Christophe Touris, head of the SLPJ in Besançon. Monday evening, no hypothesis was ruled out. But, in view of the first elements collected on site, the police would favor the possibility of an intentionally caused fire.

Filing complaint

Representatives of the Besançon company Aktya Immobilier d’entreprises, of which the mayor of Besançon is president, must file a complaint this Monday. “We also encourage the company which led the building demolition project to file a complaint,” adds Bernard Bletton, deputy general manager of Aktya.

With a surface area of ​​approximately 1,500 m², Aktya’s offices in Temis were in the deconstruction phase, before a new building of 3,000 m² emerged on the same plot.

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” A blow “

The day after the fire, the director of Aktya did not hide his desolation: “It’s a hard blow,” notes Bernard Bletton. “We were proud of this project which relied on the reuse of materials. But we will quickly get to work to restart the construction work on our future premises. »

Before that, it remains to be seen what lessons will be learned from the investigations and insurance assessments.



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