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Have you just experienced a breakup and are you looking to get your ex back by any means possible? How to understand and decode your behavior? How do I react when my ex doesn’t want to hear from me anymore?

Change your attitude to win back your ex

In all love reconquests, you will be confronted with complex situations and the lack of dialogue is one that is very common. You tend to want to communicate with your ex and to make him understand that getting back together is the right thing to do. best solution because you are going to change. Unfortunately, you can’t get his attention and you keep asking yourself: ” Do I have a chance of getting her back if she doesn’t want to hear from me anymore?

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The answer is yes ! Since 2007, I have supported thousands of men in this type of situation and thanks to tools to properly decode your ex, you have the opportunity to revive your feelings as well as your relationship.
Discover in this article my advice for successfully getting your ex back even if she no longer wants to communicate about your relationship at all and even less want to get back into a relationship with you.

It’s just not the right time…

When it comes to getting back in love, you should not try to go too quickly or impose yourself in front of your ex girlfriend because the objective is to take your time to act at the right time! If you have the impression that she doesn’t want to hear from you at all, it’s simply not the right time to act. It often takes time to calm tensions down and for rebuild new bases for a more serene dialogue.

What to do in these conditions? You must integrate that there is then a “personal development” dimension where you will have to focus on youon your level of confidence as well as on a possible development to put in place.

To get the attention of your ex and get a new communicationit is appropriate to propose a personal change to begin with. This is how you can start your reconquest on good foundations and powered by the rest a dialoguewhen your ex wife has taken the time to take care of her injuriesto assess your ability to to act on you and therefore to prove your evolution as well as to raise the first doubts in his mind about his decision to break up.

Once you have accepted the idea of ​​having to be more patient, I invite you to ask yourself a good question regarding your reconquest: “How do I attract the attention of my ex and make him want to come back and talk peacefully? »

The majority of men cannot regain control of their emotions negative and they all panic at the idea of ​​losing the woman of their life. However, you must consider that with the breakup, you have already lost her and that it is necessary to react positively!

From now on, your mission will be to show your ex that you have accepted the separation and that you are in a process devoid of the will to recover it. The more you’re going to be on a new dynamic and the better your chances will be that she will realize that you are not trying to get her back at all costs but on the contrary that you evolve in your personal life.

This is why you should not hesitate to speaking of you, to highlight your new activities as well as your projects, whether personal or professional. At the same time, it’s time to be active on Facebook, hang out with your mutual friends as much as possible and don’t hesitate to change your entire look.
It is through action that you can attract your ex’s attention and make him want to know more about your thoughts.

How to express yourself well to touch the heart of your ex?

It is necessary that your ex wife understands your approach and feels understood in her desire to break with the past. So for touch his heartyou should definitely not use the past tense or common memories to bring her back because you might annoy her more than anything else…

On the contrary, it is the moment to show novelty and prove your evolution by integrating words linked to happiness and well-being. I think for example of “letting go”, “I am happy”, “I enjoy the present moment”, “I have ambition”…
The more you have a lexical field which is closer to a positive attitude and which proves that you have taken action, the more chance you will have of getting your ex to react!

Now is the time to act your reconstructiongentlemen, and not hesitate to prove to your ex that you had a real click and that nothing will now prevent you from being happy. Communicate with her as if you were face to face with your best friend and you will be able to resume a peaceful dialogue as well as make her want to come back.

I wish you good luck and as usual, I await your comments to answer all your questions.



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