how will the reconstitution take place in Nanterre?

how will the reconstitution take place in Nanterre?
how will the reconstitution take place in Nanterre?

On June 27, 2023, a few hours after Nahel’s death, two videos of the scene were quickly distributed on social networks. We can clearly see a police officer shoots the driver of a yellow Mercedes which is moving very slowly.

Before that, it all starts with a refusal to comply. Around 8 o’clock, two police officers on motorcycles want to control Nahel in Nanterre. The 17-year-old young man is traveling on a bus lane, he accelerates, and the bikers start chasing him. The Mercedes runs a red light, narrowly avoids a cyclist, before finding itself stuck in traffic.

The police approached the Mercedes on foot. It’s there that versions differ on the words spoken before the shooting in particular, or on the trajectory of the car. Was the police officer who fired the shot really threatened at that moment? The reconstruction should make it possible to determine it.

Police officers and witnesses on site

This reconstitution should make it possible to confront everyone’s versions with the reality on the ground. It all started at 9 a.m., at the same place where the police officer shot Nahel, at the corner of Boulevard des Bouvets and Passage Arago in Nanterre. Did he shoot because he felt threatened by the trajectory of the yellow Mercedes or could he have retreated?

Investigations established that the police officers were in a space of around forty centimeters between the car and a low wall. On site, there will also be the main witnesses, who will repeat what they saw and what they told investigators. Being on the scene is essential because, as a Source close to the matter points out: “Certainly, everyone was able to see the two videos on social networks, but a video is always an angle, a point of view. “

The reconstruction was also planned for this Sunday, because work is planned on this axis, the famous low wall would have risked being destroyed. At the heart of a large security perimeter, and with very important protection measuresthe reconstruction of the drama can last a few hours, or all day.

Safety around the reconstitution

The lawyer for one of the two police officers had even requested the relocation of the reconstruction. For him, this act put his client at too much risk. To support his request to the two judges who are investigating the case, he recalled the numerous death threats received by the police since the start of the investigation: the flammable atmosphere, the riots last summer.

But the magistrates maintained the reconstruction at the scene of the events while ensuring that security measures will be sufficient : a vast perimeter, a significant deployment of law enforcement and the two police officers involved will have bulletproof vests, motorcycle helmets, and even balaclavas to be sure not to be recognized. Photos from the scene could leak and designate the two police officers as targets on social networks.

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