World Badger Day: Let’s support underground hunting

World Badger Day: Let’s support underground hunting
World Badger Day: Let’s support underground hunting

ASPAS (association for the protection of wild animals), an anti-hunting association, prides itself on being at the service of wild life and natural environments.
Strengthened by having won almost all of its disputes against the Federations on the question of the additional opening of underground badger hunting, the ASPAS has decreed that the date of May 15 is henceforth baptized, World Badger Day. Pushing cynicism to its peak, this association organizes events here and there to infuse popular opinion with its fights against hunting! However, animal associations do not have a monopoly on badgers!
It is for this reason that the Haute-Vienne Departmental Federation of Hunters, an association approved for environmental protection, will also celebrate World Badger Day! But this on a completely different register: that of powerful support for underground hunting, via a large popular demonstration.
The Federation intends to defend this method of hunting, which, with all due respect to our detractors, is legal and makes it possible to guarantee adaptive management of the badger. It is therefore necessary today to make the voices of hunters heard by defending, at all costs, their values, their traditions and their essential role in maintaining balance within wildlife.
On the agenda for the day: |
10:30 a.m.: Gathering of hunters, hunters, dogs and supporters at the Maison de la Nature, 10, Allée de la Biodiversité in Limoges
11:00 a.m.: Speeches in support of the badger’s underground hunting
12:00 p.m.: Outdoor snack
1:30 p.m.: Departure of the procession towards the Champ de Juillet
2:00 p.m.: Meet at the Champ de Juillet, traveling procession

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