London Mayor Sadiq Khan reappointed for third term


London Mayor Sadiq Khan reappointed for third term

Published on Saturday May 4, 2024 at 9:54 p.m. | Estimated reading time: 4 min.

Labor Sadiq Khan (pictured centre), re-elected Mayor of London, stands alongside other mayoral candidates during his speech at London City Hall on May 4, 2024. AFP

This Saturday, May 4, the British were called to the polls for their local elections to elect their mayors and municipal councils. If the turnout was not there with only 45% of voters who came, these local elections are no less significant. Indeed, these are the first elections since the Conservative party won a strong majority in Parliament after the Brexit referendum in 2016 with the election of Boris Johnson. Except that since then, the British political scene has changed a lot and the message of these elections was clear: the British no longer want the Conservatives in power after 13 years now. Labor won a landslide victory in the local elections. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was turned away from his polling station for failing to present identification in accordance with a law he himself had passed.

With 50 local authorities won out of 107, Labor won their bet and looked to the next elections with increased confidence, while the Conservatives found themselves even more deprived than expected, having acquired only 6 local authorities. They are placed in 3rd position in the race, behind the Liberal Democrats who won 12 local authorities.

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