Monistrol-sur-Loire: who won the 3rd Festimaz?

Monistrol-sur-Loire: who won the 3rd Festimaz?
Monistrol-sur-Loire: who won the 3rd Festimaz?

Friday, the 3th edition of Festimaz brought together around a hundred people at the Léonard-de-Vinci high school in Monistrol-Loire.

Festimaz, project for a class of 1time STMG consists of putting 7 local companies into competition, in the form of short films produced and edited by the students. The entire project is supervised by professionals such as the professor of management and digital sciences (Isabelle Nadros), the audiovisual technical team (Frédéric Florin, Mrs Chaput, Teyssier) as well as an external inter-company communications speaker.

The main objectives of Festimaz for students are to discover the professional world in business, to acquire autonomy, to take initiatives and to respect constraints.

The accomplishment of this project is the setting up of an evening presentation of the different films with guests mainly competing companies, local elected officials, high school teachers, families.

During this evening, the public present is invited to vote for their favorite film, with awards given following the results obtained. The high school amphitheater was packed, with 100 guests.

The podium

1er 3P Profile Les Villettes, film group: Noa BASLER, Noé DELOY, Lucas FOUVET and Gabin VOUTAT

2th Ambian’Spa Monistrol-sur-Loire, film group: Matteo MOULIN, Jules SOUMET, Elsa PIRES, Lily-Rose BONNEFOY

3th Along the water Jardin de Cocagne Monistrol-sur-Loire, film group: Cyrielle MARINELLI, Clara FERRY, Océane PAULET, Jade PEYRAUD

Short films shot in the companies Socobat, L’Ozen, EFDE and Le Comptoir du Pêcher would also compete.



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