“It’s a pleasure to see how people experienced this record” – Pierre Lapointe marks the 20th anniversary of his first album

Pierre Lapointe admits it: stuck in the wonderful whirlwind surrounding the release of his first album, 20 years ago, he was not able to benefit as he would have liked from this great success which made him known. This is why he picks himself up again today by diving back into the memories of this important era.

Cover of Pierre Lapointe’s eponymous first album

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Two decades after its release, the album Pierre Lapointe remains the subject of a large number of discussions that the singer-songwriter has with his admirers.

What we share with him in fact is above all the encounter of people with this work going against the grain. A record as a backdrop to the birth of a first baby, the years of CEGEP or the first big trip, for example.

“I wasn’t aware of all this at the time, partly because there were no social networks. I didn’t realize how popular it was. Today, it’s a pleasure to see how people experienced this record,” explains the man who sold more than 130,000 copies of this first opus which included the songs The columbarium, Standing on my head And Mom.

The 42-year-old singer also appealed to his admirers for the occasion: to send him short video clips recounting their important moments related to the album.

Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY

Unexpected success

The 22-year-old Pierre Lapointe never imagined achieving such success. Especially in songs, he who dreamed of becoming an actor.

“Nothing that was predestined for it to be a commercial success. I think I sold it well with my slightly drooling dandy character. It was completely different. It’s been phenomenal. And that was before ADISQ,” he remembers.

At the ADISQ gala in 2005, when he was already working on his 2e disk (The forest of the unloved), Pierre Lapointe received 13 nominations; unheard of for a first album. He won several golden statuettes, including that of popular album and revelation of the year. The following year, his 2e opus won the Félix for popular album of the year. That’s when he realized “something was happening.”

“It was intense, but fun. Of the peaks in a career, you get one, maybe two, if you’re lucky.”

“It’s a pleasure to see how people experienced this record” – Pierre Lapointe marks the 20th anniversary of his first album

Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY

“To succeed in this profession for more than seven years is quite exceptional,” replies Pierre Lapointe when asked what he is most proud of.

The artist, who will launch a new offering next year, has never made compromises. He believes he has won over his audience with his curiosity about others, his openness devoid of any judgment and his great sincerity.

20 years have passed and Pierre Lapointe is still performing the piece Like one man. Because it is the strongest song on the album, according to him, and the one that best represents his timeless Pierre.

“To counter death, I wanted to leave a mark and anchor myself in people’s hearts and memories,” confides Pierre Lapointe.

This is certainly a success.



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