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The Kia Picanto presents itself in 2024 with a tempting promise of something new, in an increasingly restricted market for city cars and affordable cars.

The South Korean manufacturer has revised its design under the influence of its new ‘Opposites United’ philosophy. At first glance, the change is palpable: more dynamic lines, enlarged ‘Tiger Nose’ grille and redesigned front lights to give a more aggressive look to the small city car.

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But beyond the aesthetics which can seduce, is the content up to par? The design is not a revolution, but rather a cautious evolution — a necessary update to stay in the race rather than a bold step forward.

Technology and connectivity: innovation or simple upgrade?

Inside, the Picanto is more modern. A 4.2-inch digital instrument cluster and 8-inch touchscreen are now standard, equipped for Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™.

USB-C ports promise improved connectivity. This is all appealing, but does it go beyond what competitors are already offering at a similar price? Kia seems to be following the trend but offers the advantage of having one of the very rare “modern” proposals on a micro-city car in 2024.

Connectivity has become a major selling point, but the main thing remains daily use. Features like USB-C ports are convenient and this Picanto meets modern needs.

Engines: efficiency or compromise?

Under the hood, the Picanto offers a choice between a 1.0 DPi 63 hp engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 1.2 DPi 79 hp engine with a 5-speed mechanical gearbox or 5-speed robotic gearbox.

These engines are designed for maximum efficiency in the city, promising fuel economy and low emissions. But in terms of performance, they don’t stand out. Sufficient for the city, certainly, but don’t expect exploits on the highway; but between us, it’s not his playground!

Safety is another area where Kia has strengthened its offerings, with advanced driver aids as standard. A good point, because once again, the competition does not necessarily offer an equivalent offer at this level of the range.

The 2024 Kia ​​Picanto, a wise choice?

With a starting price of €15,990, the new Picanto is bold. Kia refreshes its flagship model, incorporating notable improvements in design, technology, and safety. It’s a good effort to remain competitive in an increasingly restricted city car market that now subscribes to electric vehicles.

Kia seems well on its way to attracting city dwellers looking for an economical and modern vehicle. This renewal, both prudent and judicious, shows that Kia is not afraid to reinvent its classics, and it is almost reassuring to see a general manufacturer which still dares to offer thermal power on a city car in 2024.



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