Drake and Kendrick Lamar continue their musical clash with three new songs

Drake and Kendrick Lamar continue their musical clash with three new songs
Drake and Kendrick Lamar continue their musical clash with three new songs

The rappers who have been in conflict for several weeks continued to attack each other in pieces with three new titles – “6:16 in LA”, “Family Matters” and “Meet the Grahams” – released between Friday and Saturday.

The war of words continues between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. After several weeks of confrontation through songs – Drake with the titles Push Ups And Taylor Made Freestyle and Kendrick with euphoria – the two rappers continued to attack each other in music with three new tracks released between Friday and Saturday.

Kendrick Lamar first revealed 6:16 in LAa title co-produced by Jack Antonoff (star producer of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey) in which the Compton artist attacks Drake’s team.

“Fake bully, I hate bullies, you must be a horrible person. Everyone on your team is whispering that you deserve it,” he raps in his track.

“If you were smart, you would have understood that those around you are only out to scam you. A hundred n*ggas you paid. And twenty of them want to make you a victim. And one of them “One of them is actually next to you and two of them are tired of your lifestyle but don’t have the audacity to tell you,” Kendrick Lamar continues.

“We could have left the children out of it”

During the night from Friday to Saturday, Drake came out of silence to respond to his American counterpart with the title Family Matters. Among the many criticisms he makes of his enemy, the Canadian artist attacks his fiancée and his children in particular, in response to Kendrick’s title, euphoriain which the latter attacked Drake’s son, Adonis.

“Why you never hugged your son and said ‘cheese’ to him. We could have left the kids out of it, don’t blame me,” Drake says, suggesting, a few bars later, that the two children of Kendrick Lamar would actually have Dave Free as their father, the rapper’s creative partner for several years.

Drake also accuses Kendrick Lamar in his title of having been violent towards his partner. “They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you were beating your queen. The picture you painted is not what it seems,” Drake adds.

“Master of Manipulation” and “Sick Man”

Less than an hour after the release of Drake’s song, Kendrick Lamar in turn revealed a response in song with Meet the Grahams. In this title, the rapper addresses with each verse a different person from Drake’s entourage to warn them against the behavior and vices of his enemy.

First, Kendrick Lamar calls out to Adonis, Drake’s son: “Dear Adonis, I’m sorry that this man is your father (…) I look at him and I say to myself that I would have liked your grandfather to wear a condom. I’m sorry you have to grow up and stand behind him,” he raps.

Then he addresses Drake’s mother and father, Sandra and Dennis: “Dear Dennis, you gave birth to a master manipulator. (…) You raised a fucking horrible person”, assures he.

And added: “Sandra, sit down, what I’m going to tell you is important, now listen. Your son is a sick man with sick thoughts, I think men like him should die.”

Finally, Kendrick mentions a “little girl” that Drake would have had and which he would have, according to him, kept secret: “he should teach you the multiplication tables or watch ‘Frozen’ with you. Or on your eleventh birthday, singing poems with you Instead, he’s in Turkey, paying for sex and shooting himself Percs (referring to Percocet, an opoid).

If for now Drake has not yet reacted to Kendrick Lamar’s new title, the conflict between the two artists does not seem close to ending, to the delight of fans.



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