“We, women, go through incredible ordeals in our bodies in silence”


Lolita Chammah in Paris in April 2024. ASTRID DI CROLLALANZA / STOCK

Encounter The actress recounts in a book, “I watched the night fall”, the death of her son at the age of 12 days and deplores the taboo around perinatal mourning. Encounter.

By Amandine Schmitt

Published on May 4, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.


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Before interviewing her, we studied photos of her. On glossy paper, Lolita Chammah often has an evanescent look, an imbalance in posture, a birdlike silhouette, an ethereal aura. What little thing are we about to encounter? How could she not bend under the violence of the tragedy for which she is being asked on this cool May morning: the death of her baby, which she recounts in a book touching, “I watched the night fall”?

This suspicion of fragility is swept away as soon as she appears in the hotel on 3e district of Paris, ten minutes from her home, where she arranged to meet us. In a confident voice, she will order a healthy breakfast; straightforwardly, she will answer questions; seriously, she will decipher our own hazards with regard to motherhood, because, from now on, she says “know all the cases”. This same voice so close to that of his mother, Isa…

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