Europe Day: this Saturday, open days of the European institutions

Europe Day: this Saturday, open days of the European institutions
Europe Day: this Saturday, open days of the European institutions

BRUSSELS. On the occasion of 74 years of European democracy and as part of Europe Day, which takes place this May 9, citizens have the opportunity to visit, starting this weekend, all the Brussels institutions of the EU. The opportunity to, and deepen our knowledge of what Europe does for and with us. One month before the European elections (June 9 in Belgium), the institutions invite citizens to visit them, to attend debates, concerts, games, and other activities. On Thursday 9 May, on Europe Day, the EU will celebrate its achievements in unity and long-term peace, and commemorate the signing of the Schuman Declaration in 1950.

Let it be said, from this Saturday, May 4, Europe is available to us, for real. On May 9, Europe will commemorate the founding document of the EU, the Schuman Declaration. Signed on May 9, 1950, this declaration is the founding stone of cooperation in Europe and peace on our continent. Europe Day is a symbol of the openness, transparency, democracy and unity of the EU. This edition of Europe Day takes place 45 years after the first European elections in 1979 and shortly before those of 2024 which will take place from June 6 to 9 in all EU countries. June 9, in Belgium.

Better understand who does what

In Brussels, guided tours of the VOTE exhibition are organized at the Parlementarium (Pl. du Luxembourg 100, 1050 Brussels). Visitors will also be able to follow in the footsteps of European leaders at the European Council. Guided tours will be organized throughout the day, without prior registration, allowing them to explore the architecture of the Council’s buildings, also an opportunity to better understand who does what.

Younger children can enjoy a series of activities dedicated to them, including a treasure hunt. Each of the 27 Member States will have a stand highlighting the traditions, culinary specialties, and tourist attractions of their countries. Visitors will be able to discover them interactively and attend shows. An exhibition there is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the 2004 enlargement.

Commission, Parliament, Council, ECB?

This Saturday, come and visit the Berlaymont building. The Commission will offer citizens the opportunity to learn about its role, explore thematic villages set up for the occasion, and discover the history of the EU and our values.
An opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to discover what the Commission is doing to defend our democracy, our diversity and how it is helping to build a more digital and more ecological future. A dedicated section will outline our support for Ukraine. Specific activities will focus on the 20th anniversary of the 2004 enlargement, 25 years of the Euro and 30 years of the single market. The entire program is available by following this link. The representations in the Member States will also organize events.

Central Bank and European Court of Auditors

Want to know more about the Euro? It’s also possible. The common currency of 20 EU countries may no longer hold any secrets for you. Also deepen your knowledge of the (ongoing) digital euro project, and what the ECB is doing to maintain price stability and bank security.
This May 4, citizens will be able to meet ECB experts at the European Commission in Brussels. Thursday May 9, the Luxembourg-based institution will also offer interactive games and the possibility for citizens to test their knowledge. Families and people of all ages will be able to learn how the institution helps protect EU citizens’ money.

The European elections concern 400 million Europeans and for the first time, young people aged 16 and over.

European External Action Service

Immerse yourself in the dynamic work of the EU diplomatic service in Brussels? It is also possible until 6 p.m. Visitors to the European External Action Service are invited this Saturday to speak with EU ambassadors and learn more about the role the EU plays in promoting peace, human rights and development sustainable in the world. They will be able to enjoy concerts, dance performances, workshops and will collect culinary inspirations from various places around the world.

This immersive journey will be accompanied by film screenings in the cinema room. There will be many fun activities dedicated to children who will be in the spotlight, including a puppet show.
Or? Building 9A Rond Point Schuman 1046 Brussels. Info here:

European Economic and Social Committee

This Saturday, May 4, still in Brussels, the house dedicated to organized civil society in the EU will open its doors. Committee members will participate in lively discussions with citizens and hear their concerns.
The day’s program includes interactive games, a European quiz, live music and activities for children. During their visit to the EESC building, citizens will also be able to welcome EESC members and staff after a cycling race aimed at raising public awareness of the European elections. Rue Belliard 99/101, 1040 Brussels.
All activities are available by following this link.

European Committee of the Regions

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the heart of European civil society at the EESC? It’s your chance or never! The Assembly of EU Regions and Cities will also open its premises to bring together citizens and regional and local elected officials. Stands and interactive activities will allow them to learn more about the role and commitment of the Committee of the Regions to reducing the distance between the EU and its local communities.
On the occasion of this day and the 30th anniversary of the Committee, a festival of regions and cities will be organized, as well as tastings, quizzes and a digital show, which will be an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our territories. Meet at Jacques Delors Building, Rue Belliard 99/101, 1040 Brussels.

European Investment Bank?

The European Investment Bank stand for Europe Day will be held in Brussels this Saturday and in Luxembourg on Thursday 9 May. You can discover the emblematic projects financed by the institution in their country. They will also learn about EIB-funded initiatives, such as local hospitals, transport infrastructure such as trains or metros, or flood barriers protecting cities across Europe. They will be able to exchange EU-related information and take part in a quiz for a chance to win a prize!



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