This Omega Speedmaster Professional in gold was sold for 130,000 euros! –

A commemorative Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 watch in 18-karat gold, dating from 1969 and belonging to astronaut Richard Gordon, has been sold at auction as part of a sale dedicated to space exploration and aviation.

The first estimates suggested that this Moonwatch like no other could reach 100,000 euros, a threshold largely exceeded in the end.

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This special Moonwatch belonged to an astronaut

Every watch enthusiast knows that Omega’s Speedmaster was the first watch to be used on the Moon. To be precise, it should be remembered that it was thanks to Buzz Aldrin that the famous watch landed on the lunar surface, Neil Armstrong having been forced to leave his on board the space module. A few months after this “giant leap for humanity”, Omega presented a commemorative edition of this historic watch.

The Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 has indeed been offered to Richard Gordon during a gala dinner organized on November 25, 1969 at the Warwick Hotel, Houston. Recruited by NASA in 1963, pilot of Gemini 11 flight in 1966, the astronaut piloted the command module of Apollo 12, the second mission to land on the Earth’s natural satellite. And if he himself was not able to set foot on the lunar soil (unlike his mission colleagues Pete Conrad and Alan Bean), Richard Gordon largely contributed to the success of this mission.

It was the day after their return to Earth that the 3 men were treated to this prestigious dinner in Texas… and received this gift from Omega.

A gold watch with a unique engraving

This Speedmaster Professional obviously retains the design of the iconic Moonwatch in steel, but is entirely covered in 18 carat gold. This is one of 26 timepieces assembled by Omega as part of its “Tribute to Astronauts” series. Each watch bore a unique number and was specially engraved with the astronaut’s name, their missions and a quote commemorating humanity’s conquest of space.

It is the number 20 which adorns Richard Gordon’s watchwhose name appears on the back of the case with the following quote: “To mark man’s conquest of space over time, through time, on time. » Other distinctive elements make this Speedmaster even more unique, such as the burgundy red aluminum insert on the gold bezel, onyx indexes and a copper-colored chronograph caliber 861 on a Lemania base nestled in the gold case 42mm.

Engraved back of Richard Gordon's Omega watch

As part of this auction organized by RR Auction, Richard Gordon’s watch was accompanied by a letter of provenance typed and signed by the astronaut himself. Gordon humbly acknowledges slight wear to the engraving, but these signs of time are ultimately the best proof of authenticity of this watch.

Presented in a magnificent Omega case, this Speedmaster was finally sold for the sum of 138,908 dollars, or approximately 130,000 euros. A price that is certainly substantial, but which remains far from the approximately 2 million spent in 2022 for Wally Schirra’s Speedmaster BA 145.022-69 in gold, which remains to this day the most expensive Moonwatch ever sold.



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