a “eunuch maker” accused of having earned 350,000 euros thanks to videos of mutilations

a “eunuch maker” accused of having earned 350,000 euros thanks to videos of mutilations
a “eunuch maker” accused of having earned 350,000 euros thanks to videos of mutilations

Marius Gustavson, a 46-year-old Norwegian, is suspected of having launched a paid website on which videos of genital mutilation were broadcast. He appeared before a British court and pleaded guilty.

Extremely violent practices. Marius Gustavson, a 46-year-old Norwegian, appeared in court in London on Thursday, May 2, along with six other men, for genital mutilation that was filmed and then published on a paid site, British media report. The nature and number of these mutilations are “unprecedented”, according to British justice.

The suspect admitted the facts

The Norwegian, considered “the mastermind” of this “lucrative trade”, according to the Old Bailey, the central court of the British Crown, admitted the facts of which he is accused.

He pleaded guilty, in particular to the count of conspiracy to commit grievous harm, but also to five other counts relating to grievous bodily harm and with intent and assured that his divorce had been the trigger for his practical.

Three men have already been convicted in this case. 13 people are considered to have been victims of these acts of mutilation.

More than 22,000 site users

According to British media, Marius Gustavson earned more than 300,000 pounds, or more than 350,000 euros, thanks to his site sharing videos of these acts of extreme violence for subscribers. The publications date from 2017 to 2021.

These were “dangerous surgeries” carried out by people without medical qualifications, according to prosecutor Caroline Carberry.

The so-called “eunuch maker” platform offered free content and subscriptions, up to 100 books, or nearly 177 euros, per year for the “VIP” version. It brought together 22,841 users.

People encouraged to self-mutilate

According to the prosecutor, the genital mutilations were carried out using different tools, some of which were used for “animal castrations”.

These mutilations were sometimes carried out by the people themselves. During a video call, Marius Gustavson notably encouraged a man to “self-mutilate” his testicles, before pushing him a few days later to cut off his penis.

The Norwegian had also been mutilated. Notably, his leg was amputated in 2019, after asking another man to freeze it. His penis was also found by the police in a drawer, four years after his amputation. A piece of her nipple was also removed.

Promises of money

Some of the mutilated body parts “could have been sold”, according to the prosecutor. There is also “proof”, videos in particular, of “cannibalism”. These mutilations were carried out in Marius Gustavson’s London accommodation, in rented accommodation or hotel rooms.

The victims, one of whom is a 16-year-old teenager, were promised money from the publication of the videos in exchange for the mutilations.

One of the men complained to British police, leading to an investigation. In his deposition, the man describes Marius Gustavson as “crazy” who managed to create a “clever and professional” site.

According to the court, the Norwegian had managed to create an “atmosphere of worship” around him, described as “captivating and fascinating”.

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