three figures on the choices of the French in times of inflation

three figures on the choices of the French in times of inflation
three figures on the choices of the French in times of inflation

Shop in cheaper stores; buy fewer clothes; go to the cinema less… This year, to be able to go on vacation, the French had to make a few small sacrifices. This is what a study by the E.Leclerc Observatory of New Consumption and E.Leclerc Travel shows, in partnership with the Ipsos polling institute. Carried out among 1,100 people, it provides several information on the way in which the French managed their personal finances to be able to go on vacation despite the drop in their purchasing power due to inflation.

78% had to make a financial decision

Vacations are, and remain despite the inflationary context, essential for the French. 84% of those questioned actually said they needed to go on vacation; 38% of them even specifying that it is a ” urgent need “. To be able to afford this moment of break, they had to make certain financial decisions. 78% of respondents actually said they had to reduce certain other expenses to be able to continue traveling this year.

What were the main adjustment variables? First and foremost, everyday shopping: 63% responded that they had to pay more attention to prices and do their shopping in cheaper major retailers. Then come non-essential expenses such as clothing, beauty products, etc. 58% admit having had to reduce them. Finally, outings and leisure (restaurant, cinema, etc.) and food budgets were reduced respectively by 54% and 36% of respondents.

36% have reduced their travel budget

With all these trade-offs made, were the French able to maintain their budget? On this point, the answers are diverse. A majority say they have succeeded: 37% say they have kept their travel budget at the same level. But it is a very narrow majority since 36% say they have rather reduced it: “a little” for 16%, and even “a lot” for 19%.

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27% of respondents still say they were able to afford their travel budget this year. A sign that some have been relatively spared by the inflationary crisis. Or that they managed to make enough savings in other areas of expenditure to afford even better vacations!

75% say they go less far, and less often

Which would be extraordinary since, overall, the drop in purchasing power has had harmful consequences on the vacation budget. Leclerc’s study assessed what the French sacrificed most while on vacation. First lesson: they travel less. At the question “Over the last 2 years, would you say that your purchasing power has had a significant impact on the number of trips you take? »75% answered yes.

Then, they go less far since 75% also responded that purchasing power had had an impact on the destinations chosen for their trips. Finally, they are leaving for less time: 73% say that the number of days they go on a trip has been affected.



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