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“The diary of Edith Piaf” RADIO FRANCE – FRANCE MUSIC

TéléObs recommends that you delve as close as possible to the Môme route and decipher the mind-blowing mystery of Pont-Saint-Esprit.

By Nebia Bendjebbour

Published on May 4, 2024 at 1:00 p.m.

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Our weekend selection

“The private diary of Edith Piaf” by Marianne Vourch

Edith Piaf is in the spotlight in this podcast written by Marianne Vourch, to which Josiane Balasko lends her cheeky voice. He unfolds the journey strewn with pitfalls of “la Môme » : born into a family of artists – mother cabaret singer, father acrobat, grandmother flea trainer in a circus – Edith Giovanna Gassion only dreams of singing.

With her friend Momone (Simone Berteaut), she walks the Parisian streets and makes her exceptional voice heard. Louis Leulée, owner of a cabaret, gives her a chance and her stage name (in reference to her frail silhouette which is reminiscent of a sparrow) before Jean Cocteau convinces her to add his pretty first name to it.

Marianne Vourch forgets nothing of this bumpy destiny, made up of moments of euphoria and explosions, of tours and addictions: her sincere friendships with Maurice Chevalier or Charles Aznavour, her romances with Montand or Moustaki, the death of her daughter Marcelle, that of Marcel Cerdan, her beloved boxer, or her unquenchable passion for singing, despite the illness that is gnawing at her. Everything, you will know everything about the great lady of Belleville!


“The Cursed Bread Affair or when an entire village goes mad” by Andréa Brusque


“The Cursed Bread Affair or when an entire village goes mad” BABABAM

August 1951: victims of stomach aches, many residents of the village of Pont-Saint-Esprit, in Gard, rushed to doctors’ offices who concluded, perplexed, that it was collective food poisoning which could be due to bread. Suspected, the baker is boycotted but the sick continue to arrive, prey to hallucinations or psychotic delusions.

With a peak on the night of August 24 to 25 known as the apocalypse: “I am dead, my head is made of copper and I have snakes in my stomach”, shouts a worker; a little girl sees blood dripping from the ceiling above her bed… Results: 5 deaths, 30 interned in psychiatric hospitals and more than 200 people victims of dementia attacks.

The affair becomes national. A first explanation is put forward: the bread would have been contaminated by ergot, a fungus present in cereals. The local miller then admitted to having mixed adulterated rye with wheat flour, but the analyzes yielded nothing and the mystery remained.

Sixty years later, an American journalist rekindles the affair: according to him, the CIA carried out a secret experiment on the village by testing a new drug, LSD…




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