shooting leaves one dead and others injured, mayor dno

shooting leaves one dead and others injured, mayor dno
shooting leaves one dead and others injured, mayor dno

Sevran: shooting leaves one dead and others injured, mayor denounces drug trafficking

One person was killed and several seriously injured on the night of Friday Saturday in Sevran, a poor town in Seine-Saint-Denis, a shooting that the mayor attributes to the increasingly violent war between drug traffickers.

The facts occurred on Friday around 11:45 p.m., in the Beaudottes district of the commune of 52,000 inhabitants, located 25 km northeast of Paris, where the poverty rate reached 33% in 2021 according to INSEE.

When the police arrived, four injured people were on the ground, according to a police Source.

Despite the intervention of the emergency services, one person died on the spot a few minutes after the shooting. The three others, with serious life-threatening conditions, were evacuated to different hospitals.

During the night, three other gunshot wounds were transported to the Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital center, according to the same Source.

Two people arrived in a parking lot in a Peugeot 5008 car. The passenger got out of the vehicle and then shot several times before fleeing, the police Source said.

From the same Source, 25 7.62 caliber shell casings were found on the ground.

No trace of the shooting was visible on Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Micro-Folie cultural center where the events occurred, noted an AFP journalist.

A resident of the Cité des Beaudottes told AFP that he had heard shots a little before midnight. I understood that it came from here, added the man in his forties, pointing to the parking lot, but I didn’t come down from my house, he said, preferring not to not give his name.

On site, an employee of the town hall’s technical service, also wishing to remain anonymous, advised the journalists present not to linger on the scene because the young people will soon come down. “It’s hot,” he simply added.

– Economy of death –

An investigation was opened into intentional homicide by an organized gang and attempted intentional homicide by an organized gang, the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office told AFP. She was entrusted to the criminal brigade of the Parisian judicial police. No person had been arrested on Saturday morning.

We are not going to hide our faces: it is necessarily a settling of scores linked to drug trafficking,” Stphane Blanchet, DVG mayor of the city since 2018, told AFP.

There is a need to bring order and intervene deeply to eradicate traffic, he added, deploring that the idiots who fire live bullets do not listen to calls for calm.

In a press release published on Saturday on the city’s website, the councilor denounces an unprecedented outbreak of violence which he attributes to the dirty money of the drug economy, an economy of death which is rotting our cities.

In previous weeks, other shootings had taken place, probably linked to trafficking, in a neighborhood close to a neighboring town, he said, stressing that these phenomena unfortunately go beyond the borders of our towns.

We are not facing a sordid local news item, but rather a national or even international phenomenon of scale, he insisted, pointing the finger at the crime of organized gangs which terrorize in order to prosper.

After Marseille, Sevran was the subject of an XXL anti-drug operation on March 25 with the aim of stopping trafficking.

The investigation will have to establish whether this shooting is linked to a territorial conflict between drug traffickers following the operation.

By mid-April, nine anti-drug operations labeled Place Net XXL had resulted in nearly 600 presentations to a judge and 186 committal warrants.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Grald Darmanin, there were 3,814 arrests, more than 500 weapons seized, four tons of drugs and 20 million euros in new money recovered as part of these operations.

A total of 315 homicides or attempted homicides linked to drug trafficking were recorded in France between January and November 2023 in police zones, an increase of 57% over one year, according to the national police.




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