Fatal shooting in Toulouse. What we know about the man killed outside a nightclub

Fatal shooting in Toulouse. What we know about the man killed outside a nightclub
Fatal shooting in Toulouse. What we know about the man killed outside a nightclub

By Maréva Laville
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May 4, 24 at 1:07 p.m.

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The end of the night was very dark Toulousethis Saturday morning 4, 2024. In the early morning, a new shooting broke out in the Croix-Daurade district. Here are the latest known elements. And in particular the profile of the man killed: a drug trafficker from Toulouse.

#1. Shooting at dawn, a car hit

Several fire sounded shortly before 5 a.m.. Some hit a car, without the police being able, for the moment, to confirm that it was the vehicle of one or more victims.

#2. One dead and two injured

The shots hit three men. One of them died. A second was seriously injured and transported in absolute emergency to the hospital. The third was more lightly injured.

#3. Former drug trafficker killed

The killed man’s name is Ouisam B. Born in October 1991, Ouisam B. was 32 years old when he lost his life early this morning, shot, according to information from La Dépêche du Midi that Actu Toulouse is able to confirm.

Released last February, after serving a six-year prison sentence, this man was a drug dealer. He was accused of a murder committed in July 2018, for which he was acquitted at the end of 2022.

“He should not reappear in Toulouse”

“In his sentence, he should not reappear in Toulouse,” explains Maître Morgane Dupoux, his lawyer at the time, to Toulouse news.

Ouisam was “ a kid from the Toulouse neighborhoods«, towards Auriacombe, in La Reynerie.

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“I am very saddened that he did not manage to escape from this and that is what caused his downfall. I am certain that by staying away from his former Toulouse associates, he could reintegrate into society,” she regrets.

#4. In front of a nightclub

There gun fight took place near the l’Etoile nightclubon Atlanta Avenue, the same where a man was stabbed at a car wash.

However, the police do not know whether the perpetrators of the shooting entered this nightclub before the incident.

#5. The perpetrator(s) of the shooting on the run

No person has yet been taken into police custody, according to our information. The perpetrator(s) of the shooting fled.

#6. The thesis of a settling of scores

A investigation is open by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and carried out by the Division for the Fight against Organized and Specialized Crime (DCOS), formerly the judicial police.

“The scenario resembles a settling of scores between drug traffickers,” says a police Source to Toulouse News. It remains to be established.

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