The XV of France? “As long as I have the body and the faith, I will not give up”, assures Baptiste Serin

Recalled by Fabien Galthié more than two years after his last selection with the Blues, Baptiste Serin participated in the entire preparation for the 2023 World Cup. Unfortunately, everyone knows what happens next. Not included in the final list, the scrum half with 44 selections missed the event. A hard blow for the native of La Teste-de-Buch.

How did you experience this period? You obviously believed in it and in the end, everything collapses…

Quite difficult, I admit. When you’re not part of an adventure, even though you gave everything to be there, it’s hard. Afterwards, you simply have to accept the choices of the staff.

Did you have the opportunity to discuss your non-selection with Fabien Galthié?

Yes yes. We had a discussion and he explained to me why I wasn’t taken. He has his ideas, I have mine. When you are not accepted, somewhere, you are never necessarily in complete agreement but you have to manage to understand it. It couldn’t have been easy for him either. Putting together a group is not easy and it inevitably leaves people disappointed. I was part of it.

Did you manage to watch the World Cup matches?

At the beginning, I admit that I went on vacation because it was difficult to imagine myself as a spectator. But then you have to mourn. It’s like that. In a career, there are not only good times. That was a very bad one. But I couldn’t let go. Behind, there was the club.

You find the RCT against Bayonne, for the 2e daytime. Coming off the bench, you score, full of rage. Was the idea to burst the screen?

Clearly. It’s exactly that. I come in and straight away I say to myself: “You have to do something”. I tried to stay quite calm in the preparation, not to show it. But I was so pissed off!

For the Tournament, in the absence of Antoine Dupont, everyone was waiting for it to be your moment and finally, this shoulder injury thwarted your plans…

This could have been my moment, it’s true. But it wasn’t. No one will ever know. The Blues staff received news of my injury, it made me happy, but it didn’t go any further.

At 29, what is your relationship with the Blues? Do you feel like you have shaken up the staff hierarchy?

It’s hard to say. It’s up to the coaches to answer that. There have been changes in coaches and I don’t know them. I just want to be the best I can be to get back there. I’m 29, I’m still old enough. As long as I have the body and the faith, I will not give up. You can’t say no to the France team. I will always hold on to it.



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