“Enclosed” or “attached”: What should you write?

“Enclosed” or “attached”: What should you write?
“Enclosed” or “attached”: What should you write?

Who has not hesitated for a moment when writing an e-mail: should you write “the attached files” or “attached”? “Attached” or “attached are the documents you requested”? How many times have we finally opted for “in PJ”, to be sure not to make a mistake? To put an end to the discomfort, we explain the rule to you here.

When “attached” is invariable

The phrase “attached” is invariable in two cases.

First, when she starts a sentence:

  • “Attached are our vacation photos. »
  • “Attached is a copy of my identity document. »

Then, when placed directly in front of a noun:

  • “Please find attached attestations and certificates. »
  • “You will find attached a copy of my diplomas. »

When attached agrees

The attached phrase agrees with the noun that precedes it:

  • “You can download the attached documents. »
  • “I invite you to consult the attached certificates. »


When it’s your choice

There is no clear rule when “attached” precedes a noun which is itself preceded by an article. For example, we have the choice between:

  • “You will find attached the homework that I have to submit. »
  • “Enclosed you will find the homework I have to submit. »
  • “Enclosed you will find the doctor’s orders. »
  • “Attached you will find the doctor’s orders. »

And if you hesitate between “I join you” and “I join you”, the answer can be found in this other article, here.



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