Pontivy: special equine well-being day at the horse races

Pontivy: special equine well-being day at the horse races
Pontivy: special equine well-being day at the horse races

By Franck Baudouin
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May 4, 24 at 12:00

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This is a great first which will be put in the saddle, Sunday May 5, 2024, during the Pontivy horse races. The Kernivinen racecourse will mobilize for equine well-being through the Race and care operation. At the helm of this event: Gildas Hays, race commissioner.

A national operation

Launched at the end of 2023 by the National Horse Racing Federation, Race and care aims to show the general public the attachment and respect that the entire industry has for its horses. “For me, this is a first step on a subject that is as important as it is sensitive. Animal welfare is a growing concern not only in our society but also among professionals,” assures Gildas Hays, from Locminé.

Since the launch of Race and Care, 31 racecourses have already hosted the operation on a voluntary basis.

The Federation will endeavor to ensure that all racecourses in France do so. Those who refuse could be financially sanctioned…

Gildas Hays, promoter of Operation Race and Care

On Sunday, at Kernivinen, Gildas Hays will not don his usual costume of race commissioner. But that of Mr. Race and care.

Ensuring the well-being of horses

The two are not contradictory, since the racing commissioner must, among other things, ensure the well-being of the horses. Before each event, he checks that the horses are up to date with health standards, that they have warmed up sufficiently, that they are physically capable of completing the course, that the shoes and equipment do not injure them, etc.

After the race, the first five (galloping) or seven (trotting) horses systematically pass a anti-doping controlthen go to recover in a shower before a well-deserved rest in the box.

In case of mistreatment? It’s simple, the coach is removed from the circuit. Last year, in Josselin, I was alerted by the L214 association about a horse whose reins had been fitted with quills. The coach was sanctioned… The commissioners are there to enforce the regulations.

Gildas Hays, promoter of Operation Race and Care

On May 5, a stand will be set up behind the stands where goodies and information on the Race and Care day will be distributed by a facilitator.

Videos: currently on Actu

“I will also organize guided tours to explain what is usually put in place for equine welfare. » The opportunity to discover the profession of equine dentist, with Dr. Christine Boissel, or to check the condition of the horses’ shoes with Jean-Pierre Penhouët, racing commissioner…

The icing on the cake: the third race, which should start around 3:30 p.m. or 3:45 p.m., will be called the Race and Care Prize.

Horse racing Sunday May 5, from 1:30 p.m., at the Kernivinen racecourse, in Noyal-Pontivy. Entrance: 6 euros; free for under 20s.

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