This jewelry trend that no one expected will take over all next season!

This jewelry trend that no one expected will take over all next season!
This jewelry trend that no one expected will take over all next season!

The hand is with the face, the part of the body that is shown and seen the most. It is therefore important to know how to highlight it. After several seasons which gave pride of place to manicures and discreet accessories, the spring/summer 2024 jewelry trend highlights XXL rings. No more thin chains and faded bracelets. It’s the big return of this ring that no one dared to wear anymore, but that you will see everywhere in the coming weeks.

No more minimalism, the extravagant is back

In 2023, the trend was towards minimalism, delicately combining the chic of the famous adage “less is more” with the prestige of the know-how of luxury brands. This aesthetic, called Quiet Luxury, highlighted a sober look, devoid of imposing logos and ostentatious details, and which favored careful tailoring. For 2024, the jewelry store has decided to take the opposite approach.

Explore your mother or grandmother’s closet and grab a few chunky beaded necklaces. Summer 2024 is all about stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to jewelry. From gemstone insects to custom engagement rings, minimalist jewelry in the 2010s is in decline, giving way to bold piecesbright and shiny.

The snake ring is making a comeback

For the next season, the trend is for boldness, no more discretion, we must dare! And to not do things by halves, you will have to turn to this classic ring from the 2000s. Its kitsch side had it stored at the bottom of jewelry boxes, the snake ring will now be on everyone’s hands. Adorned with colored stones at the level of the snake’s eyes, wrapping around the finger, this ring is the symbol of aesthetic audacity.

The snake ring already represents in itself a bold choice, it will therefore be necessary to wear it without adding more. Unlike discreet rings that you can accumulate, this ring will be highlighted if you only wear one. To distinguish yourself, you will have the choice between the thin and simple ring to the sophistication of a multi-row proposal imitating the movement of the snake.

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How to succeed in layering?

The snake ring will be highlighted if you wear it alone, but the 2024 trend being bold, you should not hesitate to multiply the accessories. To carry several pieces of jewelry both offers the opportunity to create a unique and personalized look. But you have to know how to combine them. The success of layering therefore lies in the harmonization of materials and colors.

Pair vintage-inspired jewelry with more exuberant contemporary pieces, or delicate bracelets and necklaces with bohemian jewelry. Opt for a wide ring, to wear on the middle finger, combine it with thinner rings. For a trendy look that is easy to wear every day, opt for example for several thin rings or gold rings worn on the same finger.



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