against the teenager’s father, a magistrate or the suspect’s family, violence is unleashed online

against the teenager’s father, a magistrate or the suspect’s family, violence is unleashed online
against the teenager’s father, a magistrate or the suspect’s family, violence is unleashed online

Since the murder of Matisse, 15, in Châteauroux, violent comments have been piling up on social networks. A magistrate was harassed, and the addresses of the suspect’s parents were published, along with calls for revenge.

Vendetta and no mercy“, “I burn it“… So many comments which flourished on Instagram, in response to a video published by France 3, an extract from an interview with Christophe Marchais. His son, Matisse, died, stabbed several times, Saturday April 27 in Châteauroux. A suspect, a 15-year-old teenager of Afghan origin, was indicted for murder, and his mother is suspected of having hit Matisse while he was lying on the ground.

Since then, the comments have been deleted by the France 3 digital teams. But they are not the only ones of this type on social networks. Even though, in the interview from which the video comes, Christophe Marchais calls for calm. “I don’t want anyone to take ownership of Matou’s death, from any side. He loved everyone, I want everyone to be like that“, he explained in front of the cameras.

Except that his death was well exploited, notably by the far right. Damien Rieu, executive of Reconquête!, for example exposed the face of the suspect on his Telegram channel, as reported The world. On Facebook, publications reveal his name, those of his parents, and even their addresses. And, despite the requests of Christophe Marchais, the subject is used to denounce French migration policy.

Opposing this approach, Matisse’s father even paid the price of hateful comments. “I didn’t imagine… I receive private messages saying: “Your son was murdered and you are asking that we publish otters, shame on you”he tells France 3. I would have to declare war on I don’t know who, I don’t know what. We realize that there are a lot of idiots.

On the Google Maps page of his Castelroussin restaurant, an Internet user also posted a notice referring to the death of Matisse. “However, I was told that their 15-year-old dishes were killer“, it is written. “Unspeakable things… Everything has been removed, I hope it will be found“, adds Christophe Marchais, who confides that “the cyber police are on the scene“. The departmental directorate of public security declined any comment to France 3.

At Google, the comment was reported internally. On the side of the American giant, we explain that “surveillance systems are anticipated for predictable events such as the Olympics or the European elections“. For tragedies like the murder of Matisse, which can trigger waves of abusive comments, “artificial intelligence and machine learning are effective when spikes are detected, with human intervention when there are reports“.

Google also ensures that links are maintained with the authorities. “In this type of situation, we may be asked by the authorities to delete comments.“In the other direction, the company may be led to”file a complaint about continued abuse on our platform, several procedures are underway“.

But, on Telegram channels, stemming hatred and information leaks is another matter. There, “hateful remarks and threatening“were formulated”against a former magistrate of the Châteauroux judicial court“, indicatehe first president of the Court of Appeal of Châteauroux, Alain Vanzo, and the Prosecutor General of the Court of Appeal Eric Maillaud.Some believe they can criticize, in the context of previous criminal cases, the release of this minor“.

Except that, as indicated in a first press release from the Châteauroux prosecutor, the suspect had been placed under judicial supervision,only safety measure planned […] for a minor of his age, without previous conviction“for acts of a correctional nature:

We can only be indignant at the fact, in defiance of the law which represses all forms of threats and hatred online and in the anonymity provided by the Internet […]to violently criticize the legitimate action of magistrates who, in strict compliance with the texts […]only consider the incarceration of a young minor who commits crimes – whatever their origin – with the legitimate caution that everyone has the right to expect.

Alain Vanzo and Eric Maillaud

It should also be noted that the targeted magistrate “has never intervened, in any capacity whatsoever, in civil or criminal proceedings“concerning the suspect, note the two authors of the text. The national union of the judiciary also reacted, calling”to the vigilance of the authorities responsible for guaranteeing the independence of justice“.

When requested, OFAC, the anti-cybercrime office, has not yet responded to France 3.



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