A day of training in the natural garden

Beaumont-Sardolles. A day of training in the natural garden. A day of natural garden training took place recently at Crapaud Sonneur. “Who hasn’t dreamed of having a corner of a vegetable garden and producing their own vegetables and fruit? », asks Valérie de Changy, creator and facilitator, with Cyrille Couvenant, from the Le Crapaud Sonneur association.

“It’s a benefit for health, for the wallet and for morale. Especially when it comes to producing vegetables without inputs, while using methods that increase the connection to nature,” she continues.

Learn to analyze the nature of the soil

This training day in the natural garden, led by Yann Labuche, aimed to “give keys to understanding the life of the soil and tools to refine the practice of gardening”.

The morning took place with experimental practices in the Crapaud Sonneur garden, during which participants learned to analyze the nature of the soil based on careful observations. “Because knowing your soil is the key to getting off to a good start,” recalled Yann Labuche. The participants then observed different types of green manure before sowing some. A shared meal by the fire allowed the exchanges to continue.

In the afternoon, Yann Labuche gave an indoor course, addressing the following themes: “Know your soil and its inhabitants for a fruitful collaboration, combine vegetables for more harvests, become familiar with green manures, these plants which magnify our soils”.

These vegetable garden enthusiasts, who wish to develop their practice, are already, for some, supported in the establishment and management of the vegetable garden and orchard by Yann Labuche. “This day will encourage me to continue on this path,” said one of them, a teacher trainer.

Le Crapaud Sonneur, which also offers training courses and rejuvenating activities (yoga, fasting courses, recharging weekends, etc.), has added other training days in the natural garden to its program, to be discovered on its website



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