man charged almost 60 years after woman’s murder

man charged almost 60 years after woman’s murder
man charged almost 60 years after woman’s murder

Aged 79, James Barbier was arrested in Missouri for the stabbing murder of Karen Snider, killed in 1966.

A 79-year-old resident of the US state of Missouri has been arrested in connection with a stabbing investigation opened in 1966, local authorities announced.

Karen Snider, an 18-year-old American woman, was found dead at her home in Calumet City (Illinois) by her husband on November 12, 1966. She had received approximately 125 stab wounds to the chest, neck, shoulders and arms. , legs and head, as well as bruises to the face, hands and several fractured ribs, according to an autopsy carried out at the time of the events.

James Barbier was arrested for the murder of Karen Snider but was never charged. Authorities said he was friends with the victim and her husband at the time. On the night of the murder, James Barbier had returned to Indiana where his wife was with their child.

“The defendant arrived home and appeared nervous, his wife observed that he had cuts, blood on him and blood on his clothing,” the State Attorney’s Office said. “The accused immediately entered his home, took off his clothes and put them in the washing machine.” Still according to authorities, James Barbier also attended the victim’s funeral.

DNA has spoken

In 2022, the Calumet City Police Department reopened the case and sent items from the scene, including the victim’s dress and a blood-stained sheet, for forensic analysis.

All the documents in the file sent tested positive for the DNA of James Barbier obtained in 2023 by oral swab. The latter was the subject of an arrest warrant and was arrested earlier this week at his home in Missouri before being transferred to the state of Illinois.

Due to his age and physical infirmity, James Barbier was not placed in pre-trial detention but placed under judicial supervision for the duration of his trial.

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