An AI gives us the price that Solana could reach in May

Where is Solana?

While the battle rages between the bulls and the bears since the last disappointment in April, here is what could happen to Solana this month of May. Even though its future depends largely on what Bitcoin will do, the AI ​​has indulged in the predictions.

SOL/USD – CoinMarketCap.

As a reminder, the last few weeks have been strongly tinged with red for the SOL with constant declines, mirroring the performance of cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, Solana is up 3.24% and trading at a price of $142. The amount to pay for a SOL remains substantial, but it is much less than the +$200 at the end of March.

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Here is the price given by artificial intelligence

In this context, the PricePredictions platform used AI to evaluate the price of Solana for the month of May. According to initial observations, the IA expects a rather calm month of May with a very slight price increase. Even if the asset could go higher than the announced price and subsequently fall back, it is on the $147.50 that PricePredictions is betting.

This would represent a gain of just 3.44% for Solana’s coin. A rather discreet performance for an altcoin which often likes to rub shoulders with volatility.

Despite everything, ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, expects to see the price of SOL much higher. Indeed, since according to its bullish scenario for the month of May, the price of the token could navigate between $160 and $180.

Discussion with ChatGPT.

In the end, this second AI seems much more optimistic than the second, and it remains to be seen what May will bring for Solana.

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Moral of the story: Two AIs are always better than one for price predictions.


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