Jennifer Aniston: “I don’t feel like a woman of power”

To the question “when do you feel alive?” » asked by a psychotherapist, television journalist Alex Levy answers: “When I work on a project that fascinates me. I then feel in agreement with myself and capable of taking risks. » All fans of the series “The Morning Show” know the entire character of this character. They know that Alex is a fighter who has gone through hardships and has always been able to get back up.

Who other than Jennifer Aniston to play her? At 55, the actress has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won a Golden Globe for best actress for the sitcom “Friends” in 2003 and numerous nominations. Always in tune with the times, it exudes an energy that we envy. She is also immensely popular, probably because we feel like she is part of our family: we grew up together, she is our little or our big sister. And the bond that unites us to it has been built over time, so that it will always remain unwavering.

An omnipresent passion

“The Morning Show” is a milestone in her life: a baby she carried with her friend Reese Witherspoon. The two actresses, each at the head of a production company (Echo Films for Jen, Hello Sunshine for Reese), joined forces in 2017 to launch this series purchased by Apple TV+. “It’s a journey that we take together,” Jennifer Aniston told the “Wall Street Journal” last summer. This adventure would never have seen the light of day without the passion that drives the two women. This fiction is the occasion for an extraordinary game of mirrors: Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston not only produce the series, they play two journalists in the ruthless world of television.

Ten years of happiness with his five acolytes

The two actresses had already shared the screen in two episodes of “Friends”. It was 2000, in season 6, where Reese played Rachel’s spoiled little sister. Getting together and working together will strengthen their friendship. Like their characters, they take risks and do not hesitate to step up to the plate when an injustice threatens and revolts them. In Alex’s shoes, Jennifer negotiates a salary increase with her big boss, insisting on the fact that the channel’s audiences, and therefore advertising revenues, have increased thanks to her. At the time of “Friends”, she also fought for equal pay between the actors of the series. Jennifer is a woman who dares.


Every time we talk to him about that era – the series aired from 1994 to 2004 – nostalgia arises. Ten years of happiness with his five acolytes. Rachel, her daddy’s girl character, and her romance with Ross left their mark on pop culture. To “Variety” magazine, she confided that they “grew up together. This was before social media. How are young actors doing today? It has become complicated to find loopholes. Everyone knows everything about everyone.” In 2021, the actors all met on set 24 at Warner studios in a special episode that has become cult. A moment that says a lot about their friendship. Talking about the death of Matthew Perry, last October, the actor who played Chandler, still remains a delicate subject today. His disappearance took away some of the gang (Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, James Michael Tyler). On the day of his death, Jennifer was still communicating with him by text message.

For years I hesitated to speak up

Her exes know, Jennifer is a faithful woman. Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux can count on her. She is also a woman of her word. A word that took her time to conquer. During a speech at the Power of Women ceremony, organized by “Variety” magazine and hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, her longtime friend, the actress spoke to patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to tell them that one day, at the age of 11, she was asked to leave the table because her conversation was uninteresting: “For years, I hesitated to speak up. » One of her teachers then convinced her that theater could be excellent therapy.


She remembers her first auditions, where she went backwards and shaking. Speaking in public was then a long process. Her father, actor John Aniston, real name Yannis Anastassakis, star of the soap “Days of Our Lives” between 1970 and 2022, warned her: “Rejection can be brutal in this profession. » But Jennifer held on. “I don’t feel like a woman of power. I am strong, yes, that is undeniable, but power, no. Because behind him lies the abuse of power. » In season 1 of “The Morning Show,” the impact of #MeToo was central to the storyline. A subject that she found obvious to include in the script.

I don’t feel like a woman of power. I’m strong, yes, that’s undeniable, but power, no

Beyond series, Jennifer Aniston has also been able to build a beautiful and varied career in cinema. In “The Good Girl”, in 2002, she played a cashier torn between her husband and her lover. The following year, thanks to “Bruce Almighty”, alongside Jim Carrey, she finally gained ground in Hollywood – the film generated nearly 500 million dollars. In “Cake”, she played a car accident victim, then in “Murder Mystery”, and its sequel, a detective alongside her accomplice Adam Sandler (Netflix). Even if she no longer has much to prove, each of her interventions is made with passion, her trademark.

A woman with many hats

Today, Jennifer is a serene woman. In addition to her investment in her production company, she owns a hair care line, LolaVie. She is also creative director of Vital Proteins food supplements and promotes them. And, on top of all that, she is a partner in a fitness program, Pvolve, a resistance-based fitness method designed to improve muscle tone. In the American magazine “People”, last June she spoke of her new mantra: “Be kinder to our bodies”.



We are far from “No pain no gain” (“We get nothing for nothing”). She prefers Pilates and yoga to CrossFit, walking to cardio. Above all, Jennifer attaches great importance to sleep and drinks liters of water. By paying attention to herself, she found a form of happiness and balance. Jennifer feels alive and well, she is the example of a woman in harmony with herself. A particularly inspiring first role.

“The morning show”, 3 seasons, on Apple TV+.



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