MotoGP: Kazakhstan is taking on water literally and figuratively


The Grand Prix of Kazakhstan is the Alésienne sung by the promoter Dorna since last year and whose refrain unfortunately returns to our ears to the disfavor of a great anger from heaven. The clouds have indeed accumulated above the Sokol international circuit, but literally this time, making it impossible to prepare for a meeting which was hoped for mid-June. It is therefore legitimately postponed indefinitely.

FIMIRTA and Dorna Sports announce that the Kazakhstan Grand Prix is postponed until later in 2024:

Unprecedented weather conditions caused flooding across Central Asia, triggering a national emergency in Kazakhstan and displacing much of the population “.

Kazakhstan and southern Russia submerged by exceptional floods

The Kazakhstan Grand Prix is ​​not canceled but postponed

It would not be responsible for MotoGP to add an additional burden to the authorities or services working to help the tens of thousands of people affected across the country.

The Sokol International Circuit will therefore not host MotoGP on the previously announced dates, and any further updates will be published once confirmed.

As a top priority, MotoGP sends its condolences and support to the people of Kazakhstan and all those affected by the floods in Central Asia. We hope that the affected nation, region and communities can recover as quickly as possible “More than 100,000 people have already had to evacuate the north and west of
Kazakhstan, and in Russia, in the Urals and in Siberia. At Kazakhstan, the peak of flooding is only expected around April 22-23. Major floods are caused by heavy rains associated with rising temperatures, increased melting of snow and winter ice covering rivers.

At least 90,000 evacuated in monster floods in Kazakhstan and Russia



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