What will video protection look like in the future in Brive?

What will video protection look like in the future in Brive?
What will video protection look like in the future in Brive?

Modernization of the urban supervision center, help from artificial intelligence, work on mobility: video protection helps the security forces in Brive (Corrèze) and requires continuous adaptation to new needs.

Developed since 2015 in Brive (Corrèze), video protection needs to be adapted to new security challenges, as well as the evolution of new technologies. The city has just launched a new call for tenders for the years to come. What are the challenges of tomorrow?

1. The current fleet of cameras: what coverage?

Today, Brive-la-Gaillarde has no less than 122 cameras on its territory. Their location is decided on the basis of delinquency figures, provided by the Corrèze prefecture and according to the number of complaints filed. “Everything is decided with the prefecture and the CNIL,” assures Dominique Eyssartier, deputy mayor in charge of security in Brive. When you buy a camera, you also buy the maintenance associated with it. It ensures the renewal and maintenance of the park. Our cameras are equipped with the latest technology, there is no modification to be made on this point,” assures the elected official. Soon, the waste collection areas in the semi-buried columns will be monitored by cameras, “to avoid abuse”.

The city also has video-protected areas near bars, nightclubs, craft zones, the city center as well as outer districts (the train station, Parc des Perrières). “When we observe a “duster effect”, that is to say that delinquency shifts following the installation of a surveillance camera, we adapt. We see what type of equipment is most relevant to complement the existing one. Should you opt for a fixed camera or a 360° camera? », asks the elected official.

Reinforced return for video protection in the Tujac district in Brive (Corrèze)

2. Work on camera mobility.

Brive has strengthened its mobile camera system. Initially very restrictive to be able to be moved from one site to another, the system has become considerably lighter. “It is very useful for demonstrations which bring together thousands of people, and which require very intense security. I am thinking in particular of the Book Fair, the Brive lovely festival, the music festival in the city center,” explains the deputy mayor of Brive.

Will there be surveillance cameras at the entrances to the city of Tulle?

3. Modernize the Urban Supervision Center

During the budgetary orientation debate, on February 14, the Brive municipal council announced that it wanted to modernize its urban supervision center (CSU), by devoting 60,000 euros of additional credits to the 80,000 recurring euros, on the multi-year investment plan .

“It is now appropriate to invest in new servers and recorders, which will make it possible to receive the streams coming from the new cameras, whose level of image definition is increasingly important, having gone from 1.5 megapixels to 8.5 megapixels”, we justified last February.

4. What role for artificial intelligence?

The new call for tenders launched by the municipality concerning the deployment and maintenance of video protection has included the question of the use of artificial intelligence. But Dominique Eyssartier wants to be reassuring. “Brive is not China!” Our thinking focuses more on the software used than on the cameras. The current problem is as follows. The CSU is in great demand by police officers or investigating judges in the context of investigations. These more numerous requests require more and more processing time. AI could be useful if, for example, it helped us search for a man in a red t-shirt over a period of time. We would save time. We did tests in this direction, but it was not very efficient. But, nothing has been voted on in this sense for the moment,” assures the elected official in charge of security.

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