EXCLUDED Secret Story 2024 tour in Poissy: police presence, noise pollution… Local residents testify

EXCLUDED Secret Story 2024 tour in Poissy: police presence, noise pollution… Local residents testify
EXCLUDED Secret Story 2024 tour in Poissy: police presence, noise pollution… Local residents testify

The kick-off was given on April 23, 2024. TF1 broadcast the launch bonus for season 12 of Secret Story in the second part of the evening. This year, the Maison des Secrets is located in Poissy (with a surface area of ​​1000m²), as well as the stage welcoming the public every Friday, for the daily elimination. But what do the residents of the city as well as those of Achères who live nearby think? We investigated!

Curious high school students from Poissy

9am, it’s time to hit the road towards Poissy. The address is entered into the GPS: 6-8 rue Charles Edouard Jeanneret. A location unveiled on April 19 by the town of Achères, located not far from the studios, in order to warn local residents of possible noise pollution on the day of the launch and the final.

Once there, we discover a large industrial zone. Many businesses are located there. A quiet corner! But we suspect that there is entertainment every Friday because the daily presented by Christophe Beaugrand is broadcast live, with the public, on the set. However, we went on a Thursday, so there wasn’t a cat… or almost.

Two high school students, curious to discover the place, were in front of the fence. They saw a large white tarpaulin covering the plateau. There was no one around and everything was off. The House of Secrets, which must be just behind, is not visible. “We observed behind the scenes of Secret Story. There we have the impression that it is the prime plateau. From the start, we just saw big machines, but no people. We want to see“, Léo (15 years old) told us. And added that from his Charles de Gaulle high school, located a two-minute walk from the studios, the students don’t hear “Nothing at all“.”I found out on Google that the house would be here. And we were told in high school that Secret Story was coming but that’s it“, he added. Just like him, his friend Armand (15 years old) doesn’t really follow the reality TV show. “But ever since I knew, I’ve been curious. Our high school is two minutes away so we can come“, he clarified.

The cast of Secret Story 12 is not successful

And they are not the only ones who wanted to go to the scene. The teenagers explained that many friends had made the trip. Head to the Charles de Gaulle high school to meet some of them. Among them was Juliann (18 years old), who was asked if it had changed anything in her daily life to have the House of Secrets nearby.” It does not change anything. ithere are just more police officers passing by. And once, we were at the park next door, we heard the public. We pass by but there are fences so we don’t see much“, he replied. And his friend Valentine (16 years old) clarified that this attracts more people. “I think it’s a good thing to bring that back to Poissy, because it’s a city where not much happens. The problem is that It clutters up the parking lot a bit, so buses have difficulty getting through. Otherwise, I think it’s a good thing to liven up this city“, for his part declared Rilès (18 years old). Charles (15 years old) also finds that it is good for the city to host the house. “We saw the studio because there’s the gym there so we walked past it. It’s cool. It’s good to have done that in the Technoparc. It’s a bit isolated, so it’s good for shooting. And it’s cool, it’s animated. But in high school, it doesn’t change anything.”he explained to us.

If they are delighted that Secret Story is housed in Poissy, everyone has a big regret regarding the casting of the show. “I look a little, but I don’t really like the candidates. They were already known, while the ancients, no one knew them. For example Francesca and Charlène their secret is to be a couple, but they have an account together so that is of no interest. I’m not going to follow the season“Valentine said.”Having that nearby means that we might see some tiktokers. But I find that he there are too many. It was necessary to make a more heterogeneous cast“, launched Rilès. An opinion also shared by Charles: “I’m a little. I tried to find the secrets. I think I found everything. The clues relate to people I know. There’s a lot of TikTokers so that’s cool. But I find that It kind of ruins the premise of the show. It’s less funny. I will still follow.”

Noise pollution due to Secret Story 2024?

Retracing our steps a little, we came across a magnificent park which belongs to the town of Achères. Around the play structures and the beautiful green space are houses. This is where we met Aude (16 years old). The teenager also thinks that this casting is “a little weird because everyone is on TikTok“.”Personally, I knew a lot of people, so secrets are easy to find“, she admitted to us. Then, she assured that the evening of the launch and since then, she has “heard nothing. No noise pollution for her and her family, although their home is close. Same thing for Cassandre (41 years old) who has not seen her daily life disrupted in any way since the start of the show. “We can’t hear anything, so it doesn’t bother me. It didn’t bother us at all, even on the evening of the launch. I think it can attract people, but not sure that people will come back afterwards. Here, it’s very industrial, so people don’t come walking around like that. There’s nothing else to do“, she confided. She then clarified that it was thanks to a discussion group in the city that she learned the news. “Some were afraid of the noise. In the end, there are many who say that it doesn’t change anything. I know people who live closer than me and can’t hear anything. Maybe a little applause on launch night, but that’s okay“, she concluded.

Hicham, on the other hand, admitted that “noise pollution [l’ont] a little disturbed“on April 23. But since then, nothing.”There are no consequences for the town of Achères. We were surprised that this event came to this industrial zone. It aroused my curiosity. It would have been nice to welcome Acherois, who are the target of the show, to participate in the public“, he stressed. A message that will perhaps be heard.

That’s all for the moment !

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