“This is not an execution!” insist the lawyers of the man accused of the murder of Christopher Aurier

“This is not an execution!” insist the lawyers of the man accused of the murder of Christopher Aurier
“This is not an execution!” insist the lawyers of the man accused of the murder of Christopher Aurier

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The Haute-Garonne Assize Court left to deliberate this Friday, May 3, in the case of the murder of Christopher Aurier, in front of a nightclub, on July 13, 2020 in Toulouse. 28 years of criminal imprisonment were required. Defense lawyers refuted the thesis of an “execution”.

“He does not have to have this weapon. This is the origin of the tragedy, he is not your son Madam.” Throughout his pleading, Me Pierre Alfort, the lawyer, with Me Raphaël Darribère, of Kuevi Koudoyor, accused of the murder, in July 2020, of Christopher Aurier, 26, regularly addressed the victim’s mother , sitting in the front row.

After the severe requisitions of the attorney general, 28 years of criminal imprisonment, the two lawyers did not seek to deny the responsibility of their client, 31 years old, in the death of the brother of footballer Serge Aurier, formerly of PSG and TFC. “He assumes. He respected the family, the parents. He tells the truth and expresses regret.”

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“It’s a waste”

For Me Alfort, when the murder takes place, “they are not in reality. It’s Netflix or video games”. And to sum up: “It’s a waste!” Me Darribère criticizes “testimonies which go in all directions. They are absolutely unreliable. Nothing justifies reaching this fatal outcome”. In response to the attorney general, he supports: “It is not a cold-blooded shooting. It is not an execution”.

My Pierre Alfort and Raphaël Darribère.

Because Hervé Lhomme, for the public prosecutor, did not spare the accused, impassive, during his requisitions. “The victims were sentenced to life imprisonment. What courage is there in shooting a victim who had his back turned? It’s akin to an execution.” And to take the title of Kuevi Koudoyor’s Facebook account: “It’s not the weapon that makes you balls… You didn’t have one! What threat did a man with a heart of gold represent?”

Serge Aurier comes out of silence

Earlier in the morning, the lawyers of the civil party, Messrs Aimé Diaka, Romain Vanni and Benoît Candon took turns to defend the memory of Christopher Aurier and denounce the Kuevi Koudoyor attitude. “This is an intentional shot to the heart.”

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Absent since the opening of the trial, Serge Aurier nevertheless closed the pleadings for his brother through a letter read by his lawyer. “I didn’t want to distract from what’s important. Christopher’s life was cut short by a murderer. I’m a man whose family has been shattered forever.”

The verdict is expected in the afternoon.



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